sunshine-2Here it is, just the second installment of “Saturday Smile” and I’ve discovered a great Truth. (Notice how I capitalized Truth? That means it’s important.)

Truth: Recalling a pleasant experience that made you happy causes you to relive the happy experience, thereby making you happy all over again.

Isn’t that interesting? I thought you would like that. I didn’t come up with it on my own, mind you. I read it some place. Can’t remember where, but there you go.

All this is to say, I highly recommend you make an effort every day to recall anything that made you happy, be it a comment from a stranger, a pretty bird you saw by your window, or the chocolate chip muffin you ate because you darn well wanted a chocolate chip muffin and dang it was good.

I have no shortage of happy experiences to recall for today’s post, because this last week we were at the happiest place on earth, DISNEYLAND!

There isn’t room to tell you everything that made me smile, so I’m just going to share three small things:

DuckFamily32191) There’s a family of ducks living at Disneyland. I’m sure there are many ducks living at Disneyland, but these were special as the four ducklings didn’t look very old and we kept seeing them waddling around the place, following their momma and poppa and causing more oohs and awws than the man in the Pooh Bear costume. Because, you know, they’re ducklings, and gosh darnit they were cute.

2) Standing in line. No, really, I’m serious!. Think about it: We spontaneously form lines when we’re waiting for something. It’s amazing, but even when the gates opened and the hordes of people descended upon a ride where there were no ropes set up, nothing designating where a line should be, even then everyone just automatically positioned themselves into a line. Let that be a comfort to you. With WP_20150730_09_30_46_Pro[1]this sort of decency and orderliness in our world, total anarchy just doesn’t stand a chance. What’s more, waiting in line gave us the opportunity to meet some very interesting people. Or rather, Husband met interesting people. He frequently has conversations with strangers. Me? I just stand there.

3) Safety spiels. Honestly, they’re the best, especially when Disney cast members let their creativity flow. But the best one, by far, is found in the Haunted Mansion. You first get Haunted-Mansionthe Ghost Host, voiced by Paul Frees, which is all well and good, but then … oh then … you get the Spanish version! I’m telling you, there is nothing so enchanting, so bewitching … I think I’m in love! Don’t believe me? Click here. First you’ll get some of the English version, and then … prepare to swoon

I told Husband he needs to learn Spanish just so he can whisper sweet safety instructions in my ear.

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