A Man and His Wagon

Perhaps you know of the poem by William Carlos Williams:

so much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


beside the white


Charming, yes?

However with all due respect to William Carlos Williams, I think the sight of a grown man with a little red wagon may be more charming. Look upon this my friends:

Red wagon

Why might a grown man be pulling a red wagon, you ask? He had no children with him, it was late in the day, he was carrying nothing in it, nor did he seem to require anything in it. He was just walking along, pulling his little red wagon behind him.

I suppose I could have asked him why he was pulling a little red wagon, but I prefer leaving it to our collective imagination.

So … what do you think? Why do you suppose this man is pulling a wagon on a very warm summer day?

Bonus points if you submit your answer in verse, à la William Carlos Williams.  😉

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