sunshine-2Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make us smile, isn’t it? Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers on the breakfast table, a familiar song on the radio that brings back pleasant memories, or running into an old friend, it’s those little moments that help brighten our days.

But sometimes those little moments are really big moments in disguise, because the memory of them keeps us smiling for a long time after.

Earlier this week, I ran in to someone I used to work with, a good friend, that I haven’t seen in a long time. I was in the parking lot of a grocery store I used to shop at frequently, but hardly ever go to anymore. The only reason I was there on this particular day was that they were having a phenomenal sale on wine and Tillamook ice cream. I bought six bottles of wine (besides the great sale, I got an additional 25% off! Score!) and three cartons of ice cream.

No, I wasn’t planning a party. We just really like Tillamook ice cream.

As I’m loading the items in the car I heard someone gasp and say my name. I turn around and see a woman, but the afternoon sun was behind her so I couldn’t see her very well. I’m about to recite my usual, “Oh, gosh, how are you? So nice to see you again,” line (my standard greeting when I haven’t a clue who I’m talking to).

“Oh for crying out loud,” she said, “Don’t you recognize me? It’s Nicole!”

Holy cow, people! It was Nicole! I couldn’t believe it!

I’m sure we’re all this way, at any job we’re at, where when the new work schedule is posted you check who you’ll be working with each day. And when you see certain people’s names, you think, “That’ll be a good day.”

Nicole was my good days.

And now she’s living in my area and shopping at a grocery store with good wine sales and Tillamook ice cream.

Life is full of reasons to smile, don’t you think?

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