Stormy Weather

sunshine-2I know a lot of people think the weather in Arizona must be pretty boring. Just a lot of hot air, right?

That’s only true for our politicians.

Point of fact, we can get some real doozy of storms, especially this time of year when we are in the midst of what many call our monsoon season.

One day this past week, as Husband and I walked Dog to the park, we were treated to a spectacular lightning display across the southern sky. Because of the thick clouds, we only saw it as a flickering light, but it was constant! It just kept going and going, and the only sound was a sort of low rumble from the distance. It was so cool!

This isn’t a video of the actual storm we witnessed (I didn’t have my camera with me), but it’s one I found from just a few days prior. Because of its time lapse (showing 20 minutes in 15 seconds), it looks amazingly like what we saw.

As we stood there marveling at the display, it crossed my mind that something like this would have been terrifying for people of past civilizations. Husband agreed, saying no doubt they would have thought their gods were angry at them.

We know better than that now. For those of us with spiritual inclinations, we’ve given up on the notion of gods throwing temper tantrums. And for all of us, we have the comfort of science to explain these acts of nature, allowing us to stand in a park with our spouse and dog, watch the sky light up and smile at the wonder of it all.

So this week’s Saturday Smile has been brought to us by scientific knowledge and sound theology.

Oh, and YouTube. That’s cool too.

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