A Mountain View

Last weekend, Husband and I spent some time at what only can be described as a luxurious religious resort in Carefree, Arizona.

I know, I know, sounds weird. But honestly, if you’re going to be religious, you might as well enjoy yourself.

It’s much too much to tell you about in this small post — you’ll get the full run-down on Wednesday. For today, I’m going to show you the view from our little private balcony where we ate our breakfast each morning (yeah, admit it — you’re just dying with envy right now).

It was a lovely desert mountain, dotted with expensive, luxury homes at the base, as well as on the top half of the mount.


What? You don’t see the homes toward the top?

Neither did we at first, but after looking for awhile, we realized there were at least five, possibly six. In fact, it became a fun little game for us trying to spot them all.

Consider this for a moment. Let’s say you’re fabulously wealthy and have the means to hire an architect to build your palace on the side of a mountain. Which is darn pricey, right?  Sure seems like you’d want people to see it.

But these wealthy people chose architects who skillfully managed to tuck their homes into the surroundings, thereby not ruining the view for a couple eating buttered English muffins at a Lutheran retreat center/luxury resort (damn these Lutherans do it right).

I wondered if these might be the homes of introverted millionaires … and if so … I bet they have swell libraries up there.


3 thoughts on “A Mountain View

  1. Nice! And very sweet that you two turned into a game 😀 My smile contribution this week stems from tackling home renos with my hubby (can you relate?). Sometimes, you just have to smile at the things you will argue over 😉

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