Bumper Stories

Despite the fact that I don’t have a single one on my car, nor have I ever had one on any car I’ve ever owned, I love bumper stickers. I love them on other people’s cars.

I love them because I love to imagine the lives of the people I’m sharing the road with, and bumper stickers feed my voyeuristic tendencies beautifully. I might get a glimpse into their politics, their favorite teams, their last vacation destination, their religion or lack thereof, their favorite pastimes, what college they attended … you see what I mean?

But this one confused me a bit. I mean, I realize the guy is an organ donor and a dog lover.  That much is obvious.

bumper 1

Let’s look closer though. Do you see what I mean?

bumper 2

The guy wants his dog’s life.

His dog is neutered.


By the way, did you hear of the study done a few years back about bumper stickers? Turns out that people who have bumper stickers — no matter what those stickers say — are more likely to be aggressive drivers than we mild-mannered, sticker-free types. Click here to read about it.

I have no idea if the study included neutered males.

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