Music and Dance

sunshine-2Have you ever had a week that started out badly and went downhill from there? Each new day you’d think, “Well, at least it can’t get any wor … oh shit. It totally can.”

That describes my past week at work. Home was fine, work was crap. Friday rolls around and I did not want to go to work. Ever. Again. Do we really need this paycheck?

When I’m in contemplative, serious moods like this, I listen to our classical station, KBAQ. It helps me process my thoughts better than anything else, even silence. So there I am in the car, sitting at a traffic light by a high school, gripping the steering wheel and gloomily staring out the window. The station was playing this, a piece by Manuel de Falla:

I noticed a kid waiting at the crosswalk. He was probably 15 or so, was completely alone, and guess what? He was dancing! But not any modern type of dancing. His hands were raised, he was snapping his fingers — he had this whole Zorba the Greek thing going on. And here’s the incredible thing: it totally matched the music in my car!

Okay, now just try and tell me life isn’t magical. Seriously. When moments like this come along, you just have to smile.

And yes, before you ask, my Friday turned out to be a very lovely day indeed. Thanks to some great music and a young man gettin’ his Zorba on. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Music and Dance

  1. Excellent video! The conductor looked like he was having a lot of fun!
    I got caught in the Friday night ‘stop and go’ flow of rush hour traffic on the Freeway. Took over an hour to make a trip that should have taken half that. Fortunately I had a couple of my favourite CD’s to listen to!


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