Halloween Haunts

sunshine-2Today’s Saturday smile is a little different, as it’s not a recent happening but a memory.

Back when Husband was in seminary — let’s not say how far back, just know it was close to this century — I committed a small act of rebellion. Every year at Halloween, when we pull out the decorations, I am reminded of my rebel act, and I smile.

Here’s what happened …

There was a daily chapel service that I sometimes attended with Husband, and before each service, there was a time for announcements. Having a time of open announcements is never a wise thing, but in a roomful of future ministers it’s pure stupidity. Seriously. You never know what they might say. Or how long it might take for them to say it.

It was in October, near Halloween, when a couple of students got up to talk about the evils of Halloween and how no self-respecting Christian should EVER participate in it. Because otherwise demons would possess your soul, or something to that effect.

They went on for awhile and I’m afraid I don’t remember all the specifics, only Image33that their primary arguments were based on ignorance and fear. They were especially concerned that those of us from the married housing dorms were planning on passing out treats to kids.

To be honest, it wasn’t like Halloween was a huge deal for me, but the church I grew up in had parties every year. We dressed up in all the typical costumes, including vampires, witches and ghouls, and to my knowledge, no souls were possessed. We just bobbed for apples, pulled taffy and had a hay ride.

Passing judgement on a bunch of Lutherans bobbing for apples? I couldn’t let that one slide.

I marched back to our apartment in married housing (Pottersveld, building A), pulled out my box of craft supplies and found the stash of my dad’s old handkerchiefs. (My father was not a fancy man, but one thing he always insisted on was using real handkerchiefs.)

I stuffed cotton in the center of each and tied them with black ribbon. In total I made about 20 little dapper ghosts and strung them up in the little narrow hallway of our building when no one was around.wp_20151025_15_33_00_pro

The impromptu haunting turned out to be a big hit, and several neighbors joined in the fun by adding their own decorations. Building A became a prime spot for trick or treaters that year, and we earned a bit of a reputation in the process. And no souls were lost.

I have seen better made ghosts on Pinterest, but these little guys have a special place in my heart. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Halloween Haunts

  1. I’m so happy that you stuck up for Halloween! I lived in this room at a lady’s house when I first moved to California and she wouldn’t let my roommate and me pass out candy on Halloween because of that drivel. It is based on ignorance and fear.

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