The Wheels of the Bus, Bus, Bus…

Earlier this week I had to take the bus home.

Normally I’d say that in a whiny, complaining tone, but I didn’t this time. Did you notice?

I didn’t complain for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want to be like one of the people mentioned in this article. I acknowledge my life is a relatively privileged one. I have a car to drive most days, and money to ride the bus the few days I don’t. So I’m not complaining, okay?
  2. I met a man who was über excited to take part in the entire public transportation experience.

I was standing at the bus stop, gloomily waiting, hoping for an empty seat — oh, who am I kidding? I was hoping for an empty bus. Not complaining, mind you. Just hoping.

Then this man walked up, interfering with my gloomy thoughts.

“The bus, the bus is coming, I saw the bus, the bus, I saw the bus, the bus is coming, it’s coming, the bus, I’m taking the bus, the bus, the bus is coming …”

Crowded busThis was his constant refrain until we boarded the bus, when it turned into, “I’m on the bus, the bus, I’m riding the bus, riding the bus, the bus, I’m on the bus …”

When we reached his stop (we all knew his stop as it became part of the refrain), we learned he wanted catch the connecting route — which was now boarding across the street, soon to leave.

“That’s my bus, stay bus, bus, my bus, stay bus, stay ..”

Our bus driver said, “Don’t worry, I’ll signal him.”

Once stopped, the man bounded off our bus (yes, I do mean bounded) and … well, he kind of skipped/ran toward the other bus.

I wish I could report the bus stayed. I really do.

The fact is, it pulled away just as he was beginning to cross the street. But here’s the thing: a collective groan filled our bus the moment it happened.

So you see? I wasn’t the only one pulled into this man’s story and silently cheering for him.

And somehow I think he recovered very well and undertook his next wait with the same amount of enthusiasm. Because missing your connecting bus is just part of the whole public transportation experience, right?

Besides, he didn’t seem the complaining type.

4 thoughts on “The Wheels of the Bus, Bus, Bus…

  1. I’ve never taken a city bus. I wish I could, but have never needed to do so. I’m always nervous that I will reach my destination late. This was a great story.

  2. I haven’t taken a bus since I was a teenager. I used to take 3 buses just to get to school each morning. But when Charley and I are in Baltimore every month, we take the public light rail from the airport into the city and I enjoy it. I loved your post, but I do wish the man had made his connection, though. There is something of a sinking feeling when you are left behind, even if it is just a temporary inconvenience. Group groan, acknowledged.

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