A Year (Minus 3 Months) in Review

lazyI told you I was taking a week off, right? But I promised I’d throw an old post at you just so you wouldn’t forget about me. Well, it turns out the good people at WordPress have a word for bloggers who merely reblog old posts, and that word is: Lame.

Actually, I may have misquoted them. Even so, they have a point. So what I’m going to do is review the past year and select three posts to share with you. Only since I haven’t had this gig for a full year yet, we’re doing a nine-month review instead. (Man, this post just overflows with originality, doesn’t it?)

WP_20150920_10_14_03_Pro[2]First up, may I just say it has been great fun doing this, and what has amazed me the most was the community aspect of blogging. I think many people think of blogging as an egotistical pursuit, but if anything, by reading other blogs and having people comment on my own, it has made me more aware of other people’s opinions, cultures and backgrounds. And when I see people from Russia, India, Malaysia, Austria, etc., visiting my blog, I feel both honored and humbled. (Do you suppose it’s the same for people with ham radios?)

This first post I’m highlighting is one I rather liked, but it had the fewest views. It was my fifth post and was the first one I didn’t link on Facebook, mainly because I was afraid I was starting to spam my friends. But it was my first “like” by another blogger — Claremary from Around ZuZu’s Barn.  Not only does she have a cool name, Claremary is a writer who lives in New England with her husband and two cats. In other words people, she’s living the dream!

I Never Claimed to Be Erma Bombeck

My second year of college I took an evening class in writing. WP_20150512_19_46_13_Pro[1]From what I remember there were only about a dozen of us in the class, including the teacher. It was called “Writing for Publication,” or something hopeful like that. We were young. We didn’t know any better. …  read more

Next up, this one was my most popular post for two reasons: 1) I linked it on Facebook and tagged three people in my comment, which was a shameless beg for attention, I know, but I was getting desperate, and 2) the charming Margo at That Little Voice reblogged it. Thanks Margo!

What Your Choice of Beverage Says About You

I’m not a bartender, so I can’t claim to have expert knowledgei-love-my-coke-1556134-640x480 on beverages and the personalities of those who drink them, but I am a person who has opinions and a blog. A dangerous combination, to be sure.

If you order a beer … read more

Finally, I want to highlight this next post because it’s the only one I wrote that was purely fictional. Also, given the malicious tone to many of our political discussions lately, maybe we all need to become just a little more understanding of other viewpoints. (And frankly, I’m still surprised this wasn’t picked up for a movie option.)

A Little to the Left — A Crazy Tale of Political Leanings

Each day began with the same routine: upon rising from bed, heWP_20150428_16_07_05_Pro[1] stretched, touched his toes five times, did a quick jog in place, and finished with a growled affirmation that this day, as were all days prior, would be his day. … read more

So there’s my highlight of the last nine months. Thanks for stopping by and reading a bit, and I hope 2016 is your best year yet. So until next Wednesday, have fun!

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