Resolving to Be a Better Blogger; Well, Better-ish

If I were to create a new religion, I would make New Year’s Day its holiest day of the year.

Don’t worry, I’m not starting a new religion.

Only think of it — this is the time of year we feel both the desire and the ability to start over. To give up bad habits, start good habits — to basically become the person we’ve always wanted to be.

Now, I admit, I’ve never had any serious addictions to overcome, but I deeply admire those who have.  The closest I’ve come to it was giving up Blistex. (Hey, you don’t think that was hard? Chapped lips are hell, man!)

The point is, we long to be better people, and that constant striving is something almost holy. Don’t you think?

Of course, there are all sorts of goals we can make to improve lives. Career goals, health goals … a more organized closet. That’s a good goal.

emailI’ve noticed quite a few bloggers are using this time to make goals for their blogs. After giving it some thought, pondering new things I could do with my blog, writing goals to make, challenges to aim for … I came up with squat.

I don’t think I’m ready to make any big changes or set new goals for the blog just yet. However, I did come up with a few things I can do to support other bloggers:

  1. I’ve noticed several bloggers I visit have written books — I see them on their sidebars but have never looked at them. That changes this year. Each month, I will select at least one book to purchase, whether it’s an ebook or a printed copy, and I WILL READ IT! (I’ve already started this, by the way. I purchased one last night, an ebook for 99 cents. Who knew they were so cheap? What took me so long?!)
  2. If I like the book, I will leave a positive review on Amazon. If I didn’t like it … I’ll just, um, be quiet about it. (I’m feeling pretty good about the one I just started. Laughed at several ladyatdeskpoints already, and I’m only on the introduction.)
  3. At some point, not sure when, I’ll add a page with links to blogs I recommend, websites, books, and maybe podcasts too. You know – spread the love – that kind of thing.

And those are my goals for this year. That and a clean closet, but you don’t need to hear about that.

What about you? Have you made any goals for the New Year?

11 thoughts on “Resolving to Be a Better Blogger; Well, Better-ish

  1. There is something very motivating about a new year. I heard on the radio that some Fitness Centres have a 40% rise in clients for the month of January. Then it drops back to normal.
    My resolution this year – don’t let my mind wander too far down negative or unhappy thought paths. Turn around when I’ve figured out how I will deal with the negative – then move on to happy thoughts!

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  2. Unashamed Begging Bit: “Please click on my sidebar. Please!” Mature and restrained bit: 1. I’m the same way about Amazon reviews. If I like it, I’ll bang the drum with the best of them. If I don’t care for it, silence is golden. I know what it’s like to throw your work out there, and I’ve been the recipient of reviews that pierced. I will not write a negative review, I’ll just let the tumbleweeds blow. 2. I’m a firm believer in supporting fellow bloggers and writers. It doesn’t hurt anybody to share the work of others. If you run across something that you think is mighty fine, why not take two seconds to say “hey, go check this out”? 3. As for a personal resolution, I’m going to try once again to let the rain simply run off my back. And if it keeps raining, I’ll just plant a garden. Best of luck in this new year, Christi/Cathi… 😉

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    1. All right, Mr. Smarty Pants — yours was the first side bar I clicked on, did you guess that? I’m only half way through, but I can tell there will be no bad review from me, nor tumbleweeds a’blowin.
      Peace out, from Christi/Cathi

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  3. I’m just cutting back on the Starbucks to save for my cruise next Christmas and New Years. But, I am also that one that declares I need to work out more and so far…I’ve done one day. The goals posted here are awesome. Best Wishes to them all.

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  4. Charley, my husband, and I just spent yesterday afternoon working on one of my resolutions. We cleaned and organized the laundry room (dump as we once referred to it) (yesterday morning, actually) It feels great to walk in and actually see the floor which Charley washed and then threw away the mop. Ewwwww!! I may do a blog post on it. It’s a source of great pride right now and I’m thinking of closing the door and never letting anyone in again. We’ll just have to get used to dirty laundry or throwing things away and buying new stuff! But my real resolution is to finish my mystery book and get it published by spring, so now I must leave and get back to dead bodies and red herrings…Clare


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