Review: Dreaming Cow Yogurt

Wow — we’re doing product reviews now? What’s next? How-to videos?

Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is, I got gosh-darn excited about this yogurt so I wanted to tell you about it.

I came across it two weeks ago at Target, of all places. It appealed to me for three reasons:

  • They were exactly $1. I love items that are sold at even price points. It’s so neat and tidy.
  • The yogurt is from full-fat organic milk, and the cows are grass-fed. If WP_20160128_17_06_30_Pro[1]you’ve ever skipped a mortgage payment in order to buy a grass-fed steak (just kidding, it’s more like a car payment), then you know the meat is darn tasty. I was curious if it mattered for dairy as well.
  • Finally, they had the cutest little cows on the label. I mean seriously, look at them! How can you resist a face like that?

The first one I bought was Blueberry Cardamon. After tasting it, I went back and bought every flavor they had.

Besides the blueberry, there’s Honey Pear, Vanilla Agave, Maple Ginger, Strawberry Pomegranate, Dark Cherry Chai, and Peach Mango. They have plain too, but plain is plain so I’m not reviewing that.

What excited me is that this is the first flavored yogurt I’ve had in a long time that actually tastes like yogurt, and not like some weird, fruit flavored pudding. Small wonder, as the sugar content for these is 12 grams, while original strawberry Yoplait is 27 grams. Granted, 12 grams is still… what?… three teaspoons worth? Of course some of that is naturally occurring, but it says something that three teaspoons is considered paltry compared to most brands.

The yogurt is also thinner than others, more like homemade (if you’ve ever done such a thing). The label says it is “New Zealand Style.” (Not having been to New Zealand, I can’t speak to that.) Also, there is no artificial coloring in this yogurt, so you won’t be seeing any bubblegum pink or blue. This is as natural as you can get, baby.

WP_20160128_17_07_40_Pro[1]Overall, I really liked this yogurt. It had a nice tangy quality to it, and the flavors were unusual enough to be interesting, without being weird. The Dark Cherry Chai was probably my least favorite, but more because I’m not crazy about Chai. (I misread it and thought it included Chia seeds. 🙂 )

Now if you’re one of those that prefers super sweet yogurt, you might not like this. On the other hand, according to their site, “You can taste our cow’s happiness in every bite!”

So if you’re curious as to what a cow’s happiness tastes like, you can always stir in some extra honey. Just sayin’.



8 thoughts on “Review: Dreaming Cow Yogurt

  1. Hi Christi!
    Love, love, love your blog, so I thought I should leave a comment for you!
    I am not a fan of yoghurt, but these cute cows hooked me, too! I’ve been taking these to work for a while now, and I love the pure, not too tangy taste, and those flavors sound a little weird, but they’re all very good. I agree, cherry is not one of my favorites either, because, like you, I don’t care for anything chai.
    Anyway, hope to see you soon. Keep posting your 2-cents on everything. I’ve always enjoyed snarky you! 😉



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