Ye Olde Family Band Picture

Remember a few weeks ago, when you saw my old family photo? Well, in my hunt for that pic, I came across this one, which I didn’t even know I had. This is a picture of my four great-uncles (Father’s side), in their youth, in their own band!

Do you suppose they practiced in the garage?

four men with instruments

Okay, so on drums is Peter, Andrew is on trombone, George plays coronet, and playing – what is that? – a baritone? That’s Joe.

Devilishly handsome gents, don’t you think? Especially Andrew. But then, there’s just something about trombone players.

Father guessed this photo to be taken around 1895. If that’s the case, Grandfather (not pictured) would have been about 11 or 12. Maybe they considered him too young for the band, considering they were hoping to impress the ladies. (I mean, they had to be, right? Otherwise, why would Uncle George be wearing those spiffy striped trousers?)

And now I invite Brian from Bonnywood Manor to give us his take on the picture. Brian, if you want to copy the photo over to your blog, you have my permission. 😀


8 thoughts on “Ye Olde Family Band Picture

  1. I love you r family album. Keep them coming. And I don’t know what instrument Joe is playing, possibly a baritone…or maybe flugelhorn? As for trombonists, I’d have to agree they are something special! (Guess what I played in high school?)

    1. Naw, even the older French horns didn’t look like that. Michael thought it was a smaller version of a baritone.
      But yeah, I should be able to make you a copy of the print — your mom might have it too. 🙂

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