In Case You Don’t Hear From Me Again…

Portland.jpegWe’re traveling so I can’t guarantee anything. I might post per usual, I might post daily, I might decide to shake off the shackles of ordinary life and join a commune.

You just never know.

Our destination? Portland!

We’ll stay five days there, then on to Napa Valley for a few more days. I’ve never been to either, so if any of you have recommendations or suggestions, leave them in the comments. 🙂

But first, where we’ve been so far…

Hoover dam
Stopped at Hoover Dam for a bathroom break. Sorry for the blurry photo. I had a lot on my mind.
Where we ate lunch in Utah — only this isn’t the picture I wanted. What I really wanted was a shot of a billboard we spotted in Provo for a religious group called The Truth. It had the iconic evolution symbol of ape to man, with a line through it. I had my caption all thought out for the picture: “Please join me in a moment of silence for all science teachers in Provo, Utah.” Yeah. It would’ve been great.
Idyllic Idaho Farm
Just after we got into Idaho, we got stuck in construction. But just to the side of the road was this idyllic farm, which I instantly fell in love with and now want to be adopted by the family. Under that big tree in front of the house are sheep, lying in the shade. To the right of them there’s a garden, and I’m willing to bet it includes herbs. Because it just would, wouldn’t it? In the back of the house, in a small field, were two ponies. Ponies, people! They had ponies!

Tomorrow we stay in Pendleton, Oregon, then on to Portland! I’ll tell you about it later.

Unless my adoption papers go through and I get a pony.


13 thoughts on “In Case You Don’t Hear From Me Again…

  1. Going to Portland via Pendleton will take you down the Columbia gorge, which will go from brown and dry to green and dramatic. Get off the freeway around exit 35 or so and take the Columbia River scenic highway and check out some of the falls – I have
    a whole series of posts on that (follow it part 3, 2, 1 since you’re coming from the east) you can get some ideas from that. You can get back to the freeway in Corbett, or continue on until you get to the Sandy river and head north to the freeway from there. Once in Portland, well, what sort of things are you looking for?

    1. I knew I could count on you, Dave! I remember reading your Part 3, but missed the others so thanks for the links. We will definitely check out the falls.
      As for Portland, we’ll first be with friends and I know they plan on taking us to a winery, but I don’t know which one. After that, my husband will be doing work-related things, so my daughter and I will be on our own. She loves coffee, art, theater, books and she’s a vegetarian, so my main worry is that she won’t want to return home. 😉

  2. Portland is great! I hope I’m too late in my response, but hopefully I caught you in time! There’s a macaroni and cheese meal at a place called Montage that is sooooo good! Voodoo Donuts is also a great spot, but a lot of other people thinks so too, so expect that to be crowded if you go.

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