A Recipe Worthy of a Tattoo

You remember how I said I have a tattoo, right? And that I find tattoos fascinating?

I wanted to remind you, lest you think I’m being judgmental in this post.

I recently heard of a guy who had a cookie recipe tattooed on his leg, because he lost the recipe once and didn’t want to lose it again.

My first thought was, Wow! Those must be some incredible cookies if a guy got a tattoo for them!

plate of chocolate chip cookiesSo, naturally, I made them.

Are they good? Yeah, they’re good. They’re also remarkably similar to Nestle Toll House cookies, with one very slight deviation.

Instead of one teaspoon of baking soda, you use 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon baking powder.

Seems like you could just remember that, couldn’t you? Do you have to sit through a tattoo for it?

(Did that sound judgmental? Just a bit?)

Here’s the tattoo. If you added coconut to the mix, you can better match the hairy leg.

Chocolate chip tattoo

Do you have a recipe worthy of a tattoo?

23 thoughts on “A Recipe Worthy of a Tattoo

    1. Hahaha! That’s hilarious!
      The only thing I could think of is if I could have something from my grandma, who never wrote anything down. Say if suddenly her bean soup recipe was offered to me only if I tattooed it on my thigh, yeah, I’d do that. 😀

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      1. My Granny was a wonderful cook, but she basically did it on the fly as she was not a fan of documentation. If you pestered her enough, she might scribble a recipe down but her heart was not in it, leaving off half the ingredients and those she did include were usually void of measurement or clarification. (“Add butter” or “use green mixing bowl” or “save bone for later”.) The only real way to capture the process was to watch her work, but she was actually picky about who she would let do this, and even then you could quickly be banished if she found you annoying in any way….

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        1. Sound like the perfect Granny!
          One time my mom was determined to get a recipe she could follow, so she told my grandmother, “Write down EVERYTHING. Don’t leave anything out!”
          Grandmother mailed her the recipe. It began, “Open cupboard door…”

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          1. LOL! Mom and Granny had a similar experience at one point, with Mom getting fed up and apparently pushing Granny a bit too much for detailed recipe cards. Granny responded to her daughter’s insistence by starting the first card with (paraphrasing): “Step 1: Go to church and ask for forgiveness. 2. Stop at Reasor’s on the way home get two pounds of potatoes, 4 sticks of oleo, the big can of Crisco…”

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  1. Nurses aides, in 50 or so years, may be greatly amused throughout the whole shift. “Hey, help me flip him over so I can get that recipe…” .. “In a minute — I’m right in the middle of copying down this ‘Guacamole'”…

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  2. I will say this about the man, he sure does like his cookies. One questions though, whether he ought not to have written it upside down so he could read it. Or backwards so he could read it in a mirror…or on his arm. Wait, WAIT…paint it on the kitchen wall. Nothing short of a tornado or a paint job would cause it to get lost! I guess I just don’t like cookies as much as I thought I did.

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