Can’t Believe I’m Asking, but…

Do you have any poetry suggestions for me?

Reason being, I came across this cool article about fostering your creativity. It included this graphic, based on Ray Bradbury’s diet for feeding his subconscious:


What’s good enough for Ray Bradbury is more than good enough for me, but my bookshelf is suffering a severe famine in the poetry department. (I live in great fear of the bad stuff.)

Who are your favorite poets?

20 thoughts on “Can’t Believe I’m Asking, but…

  1. You can test drive before you buy via the many small (but fierce!) journals out there both in print and on-line that are free to read. Try the “Yellow Chair Review” (out of Waco, TX) – one of my faves. And of course, there is always Charles Bukowski – not to everyone’s taste but it’s very easy to find his collections.

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  2. Depends what type of poetry you want to devour. I like very silly humorous stuff. Also just type poetry in your wordpress search and you are sure to get lots of different flavours. Doesn’t have to be recognised, published, conventional poetry to feed the soul. Go to your local library and loan books, all for free. Wishing you well in your search.

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    1. Thanks! Found an interesting podcast from the New Yorker, where poets read the work of other poets. Listened to it last night as I made blackberry cobbler, and you know, I think the blackberry cobbler was better as a result.
      Further studies are needed… 😉

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