All the News That’s Fit to Print in 1912

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Sometimes my inner Reporter gets a little zealous digging for facts.

Actually, “a little zealous” describes her off-days. Most of the time she’s a research fanatic.

But I can’t complain much because she often finds some real gems. Case in point, a charming publication called Old Settler’s Gazette. A compilation of century old news, brought together for the residents of Pulaski County, Missouri.

Interesting year, 1912. Remember it?

That was one heck of a crazy election, with the Republicans not much liking their candidate (Whaaat?), Teddy creating his own party to run against Taft, and — since this is 1912 after all — let’s throw a socialist in there too. But hey, at least this paved the way for the first intellectual to be elected President.

First and last, possibly?

Yet in Pulaski County, the news of 1912 takes on a more folksy charm. Give it a peruse yourself, maybe with a cup of coffee and slice of homemade pie.

Here are a few samples:

BLOODLAND —An automobile passed
through here a few days ago going north.
CROCKER ITEMS —Several from here
attended the ball game at Richland Saturday
typewriterbetween the Oklahoma Indians and the
Richland team. The score was 16 to 9 in favor
of Richland.
passed through with a large drove of hogs
Thursday enroute to the Richland stockyards.

That tired feeling, of which some women
complain, is said to be caused by wearing
high heeled shoes.

Remember the Four W’s–Woodrow Wilson
Will Win.

Bull Moose Party is the name given Col.
Theodore’s new organization.

LOCAL ITEMS —We are short on local news
this week on account of the rush in printing
the primary ballots. We kindly ask our readers
to bear with us this time, besides it’s just
awful hot.

Back to 2016: Yes, it is just awful hot. Well put, you unknown editor from 1912. Thank you for your subtle reminder that even in turbulent times, we can find interest in the most ordinary of events.

Oh, and thanks for the tip on high heeled shoes, too.

2 thoughts on “All the News That’s Fit to Print in 1912

  1. Thanks, Christi! I spent all morning perusing *The Old Settler’s Gazette*, a cup of coffee in hand. Perfect way to spend a Saturday morning!

    Have a lovely weekend~


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