Weekend Reads: Cow Butts, Writing, and Fat People on Planes

Welcome to Weekend Reads – a new feature where I share three or four articles, websites, or podcasts I was entranced by, and then seriously annoyed my family by giving them the links and saying, “Did you read it yet, huh, did ya huh? … How ’bout now?”

Promise I won’t nag, but seriously, you should read these.

KuhFirst up, an ingenious way scientists are protecting lions, cows, and ranchers. Oh my! 

Troubled by the fact African ranchers are killing lions in order to protect their cattle, scientists are experimenting with painting eyes on cow butts. 😀  To read the article (and see a picture!) Click Here.

Wondering how a project like that gets funded? Or how you can help fund other scientific experiments? You gotta check this out! Go to Experiment.com. It’s like a GoFundMe for scientists!

How cool is that?

Next up, you know that book you want to write? Or maybe you already are writing? Did you ever think that maybe, just possibly, you shouldn’t write it?

This one might be a hard read, but definitely worthwhile. Written by Tucker Max, co-booksfounder of Book in a Box (which makes a lot of money by encouraging people to write books), he gives the four worst reasons to write a book. You might be surprised to see your reason there, but don’t worry, he gives a better reason to try instead. Go ahead. Give it a read: Click Here.

Finally, here’s something for the ‘I never thought of it like that before’ file. We’ve all heard the complaints and/or jokes about sitting next to an overweight person on the plane, but what about hearing their side of the story?

Written by “Your Fat Friend,” this article is filled with brutal honesty and self awareness. I guarantee it will make you think twice before making another fat joke or snide comment. Read it HERE.

Okay… so… did ya read it yet? Huh? Did ya, huh?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: Cow Butts, Writing, and Fat People on Planes

  1. Interesting, but I am pretty sure that Australia doesn’t have Lions (at least, only in a Zoo), so why the heck would we be making this “scientific” breakthrough? 🙂
    The book thing wasn’t my thing.
    The Fat Friend post was good, and I feel so sorry for her anxiety.
    Thanks for the diversions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For some reason your comment was put in my “to moderate” folder. That’s weird!
      You had me a little panicky, thinking I wrote Australia rather than Africa! The scientists conducting the study are your own countrymen, Claudette, but the experiments are being done in Africa. Hence the confusion. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah, well it doesn’t take much to get me confused these days. Don’t know why it went into moderation (unless I was logged on as my other wordpress user (my new website one). I don’t even understand why the self hosted .org website is now showing with my .com blog account (i suppose just because they are both wordpress)- but that is the weirdness of wordpress.

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