TeacherScape – A Game of Strategy and Broken Dreams

Create a World of Epic Learning!

The Battle against ignorance is set to begin!

Objective: Educate students and reach retirement without suffering burnout or loss of hope for the next generation

Battlefield: Your Public High School

Ready to begin? Select a game figure:

cartoon english teacherEnglish Teacher
Strength: Knows proper use of semicolons
Weakness: Dead white guys
Weapon of choice: Biting Sarcasm


drawing of history buffSocial Studies Teacher
Strength: Has seen it all before
Weakness: Has seen it all before
Weapon of choice: Weary Resignation


drawing of math teacherMath Teacher
Strength: Duh. They know Math.
Weakness: Awkward social interactions
Weapon of choice: Rightful Arrogance


drawing of dreamy language teacherWorld Language Teacher
Strength: Can swear in eight languages
Weakness: Forgets what country they’re currently living in
Weapon of choice: Extreme Tolerance


drawing of art teacherArt Teacher
Strength: Can make likenesses out of dirt
Weakness: Did too many drugs in college
Weapon of choice: Quirky Instability


drawing of science teacherScience Teacher
Strength: Has enough chemicals to blow up entire city
Weakness: Forgot where they put the chemicals
Weapon of choice: Cool Objectivity

Point System

Students hand work in on time: 3 points
Answer 20 emails during staff meeting: 5 points
Entire class scores Proficient on standardized test: 10 points
Dodge training session for “new” program: 15 points
Go whole day without a student falling asleep: 20 points
Voted favorite teacher by senior class: Automatic win – Game over!

Good luck, and may the best (or most persistent) teacher win!

–Illustrations by R.J.H.

13 thoughts on “TeacherScape – A Game of Strategy and Broken Dreams

  1. Very cute. I think I’d be the World Language Teacher but, as one of my assumed default characteristics, I would be opposed to competitions and could not participate, thereby losing before I started. Hmm. Maybe I’d best review the list again…

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