Weekend Reads: Self-Talk, Sassy Librarians & Working at Snopes

White dog next to person with laptopI don’t know about you, but this weekend seemed to take its sweet time getting here. Let’s hope now that it’s here, it’ll stay awhile.

Meanwhile, here are a few suggested reads to get your weekend started right.

Need to increase your self confidence? These are 8 Practical Ways to Change Your Self Description by Joshua Becker. A lot of them you may know (use more positive words, recall past accomplishments, yada-yada), it was the seventh one I found interesting: Change ‘I’ to ‘You’. Do me a favor and let me know what you think of it, okay? Seems like it would make an interesting experiment.

Next up: Looking for a good book? Here’s a list of books recommended by librarians, that were written by librarians. And if you think that sounds boring… well, that just shows how little you know librarians.

Finally, this last article was written by someone with my dream job: Brooke Binkowski, who researches and writes for Snopes.com. Click Here to learn what it’s like.

Honestly, spending your day hunting down obscure facts, stamping out ignorance, fighting injustice and clickbait for a living? How cool is that?!

Oh, one last thing: a shameless personal request. If you happened to read my Wednesday post on Wednesday, or maybe you haven’t seen it yet, the proud mother in me wants you to check it out again: Click Here.
Reason being, Daughter provided some illustrations for it and they only got uploaded Thursday evening. And yes, I’m super biased, but they’re the best illustrations. Like, ever!
So go look already!  🙂

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