Weekend Reads: Tesla Motors & Uninterrupted Creativity

It’s not often a car gets my attention, but when they do I can’t seem to get them out of my head.

teslaEver since I saw a Tesla on the highway (My, but they are elegant cars), I’ve read a lot about them. I seriously doubt I’ll never own one, of course. Besides the cost, I’m perfectly content driving an inconspicuous Corolla.

But I don’t read about Corollas. Instead, I read articles like this one, How I Used and Abused My Tesla, by Steve Sasman. Even after 100,000 miles, a cross-country road trip and 500 Uber rides (!), it still looks dang elegant.

Or check out this guy in Norway, who parked his Tesla and left the doors open, then filmed it to see what would happen. Within minutes it became a demo car. (Well, honestly, what did he expect? I would have sat in the driver’s seat too.)

And I expect you heard that a few years back, Elon Musk (Seriously, how cool is his name?) released all patents for Tesla technology? You can read his blog post about it HERE. It’s all about sharing knowledge for the sake of progress, which is darn cool, don’t you think?

This next article I’m throwing in because for one, I loved it so much I tweeted it, and two, if we take his advice to heart, maybe one of us will come up with the next bestseller, or masterpiece, or groundbreaking technology: Click Here to Read.

Do you suppose Elon Musk allows himself uninterrupted creative time? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet Nikola Tesla did. 😉

8 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: Tesla Motors & Uninterrupted Creativity

  1. You know, I wouldn’t ordinarily pick to read a topic about cars, but you’re right. The Tesla certainly is an eye-catching image. It’s interesting that you paired it with an article about unfettered and undistracted creativity. I wouldn’t have expected the precision of automotive engineering to allow for much creative exploration. I guess i will have to check out a Tesla if I’m ever afforded the opportunity.

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    1. I was thinking more of the design and technology angle involved with these cars, I’d say requires creative thinking.
      Actually, this Musk guy fascinates me. From PayPal to Tesla to a company tackling space exploration? He sounds like a modern day Renaissance man.

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  2. If Mr Bjørn Nyland had left his Tesla car in my area, it would have been occupied, done a few laps around town and then been torched before he’d even stepped away from it. But by golly, they are the supermodels of the motoring world.

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    1. I thought it funny how he’d barely stepped out of the vehicle before a guy was taking a picture of it. I gather he’s used to getting a lot of attention because of it, but I agree, you’d definitely want to be careful where you parked one!

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    1. Well, for a mere 79k you can have one! 😉
      They are lovely, and from what I hear they plan on adding enough power stations to support cross-country trips – or maybe they have already, I’m not sure. And you recharge for free, so that’s pretty darn cool. 🙂

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