Warning: What You Are About to Read Mentions Politics

Everyone, I’d like to introduce to you our neighbor, B.J.

batman2Or, as Daughter likes to call him, Batman.

Here are a few things I know about Batman:

  • He and his wife met in the Air Force.
  • He works in construction… or maybe it’s landscaping? It might be both. (I don’t pry.)
  • They are huge NASCAR fans. HUGE!
  • They like beer.
  • They have many friends, some from high school, some from the service, who share their love of NASCAR and beer.
  • He spends his free time in his garage, often with friends, where he keeps a couple couches, chairs, and a big screen TV. Also, there’s a Miller sign on the wall.
  • From his vantage point in the garage, he watches out for his neighbors; he keeps an eye on our houses when we’re gone, and is quick to offer help if needed.

It’s this last point that earned him the title of Batman from Daughter.

neighbor-hatIf we’re ever unloading a big piece of furniture or large stacks of lumber, there he is, helping us unload. He doesn’t ask, he just pitches in. I’ve seen him help other neighbors the same way, regardless of who they are or how difficult the job.

Once when we were laying out gravel for our backyard patio, he suddenly appeared with a wheelbarrow and shovel, cleared the pile of rocks in record time, and was gone before we had a chance to say thank you.

Also, Batman looks really swell with his shirt off. Thought I should mention that.

There are many other instances I could tell you about, but you get the point, right? Batman is one of the good guys. He’s a cool dude.

Oh, there’s one thing I forgot to mention: Batman is a Trump supporter.

We’ve never talked politics, but I overheard him talking to a friend. Between you and me, I wish I hadn’t. It’s a lot easier to like someone when you don’t know their political opinions.

But hey, he’s Batman. And I refuse to think of Batman as uneducated, hateful, deluded or a wackjob. I can’t even call him racist.

What’s more, I know other people just like him. I’m even related to a few. People who are decent, honest, law-abiding citizens, who plan on voting for Trump.

Do I understand it? No. But I don’t have to.

What I do know is that after the election is over and the dust settles (please, dear God, let it settle), we’re the ones who’ll have to sweep up the mess and return to our homes, our neighborhoods, and our workplaces. And wouldn’t it be nice if we could do it with a bit of respect for each other?

So maybe — just maybe — we should leave the mudslinging to the politicians and keep our own discussions civil.

Just a thought.



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