Anonymous Note Update!

The anonymous noteHold onto your hats, people! A NEW anonymous note appeared in the break room!

In case you missed it, my previous post was inspired by an anonymous note I saw at work. Today we have a new chapter in our story.

By the microwave this morning were four corners of a note that had been ripped away. Directly underneath were five mugs, washed and set on paper towels to dry.

My imagination filled in the details: Before they left work the day before, someone stops by the break room and finds dirty mugs in the sink. They wash them. All the while Righteous Indignation fills their heart. Quickly, before Better Judgement takes hold, they write a note and staple it, not tape but staple it, to the wall.

This morning, strolling in for a morning brew, someone else walks in and sees the note. Righteous Indignation fills their heart and they tear the note from the wall, tossing it in the trash can, Triumphantly.

I search the trash can – YES! The note is there!


Truly, I was beyond excited! I had a hunch as to who put the note up and later it was confirmed. It was the coworker I alluded to previously. She of the “It is what it is” fame.

Then — the drama continues! — I overhear she’s pissed someone tore down the sign! OMG, it’s Righteous Indignation revisited!

Another note is printed and STAPLED to the wall!


But there are only three mugs! Where are the other two?

You guessed it. They’re in the sink, dirty! Hoo-boy, people, this is getting exciting!

Will the new note get torn down?
Will another note be written in response?
Will anyone learn the meaning of ‘It Is What It Is’?

I haven’t been this thrilled to be at work since we got the new water cooler. Be assured, I’ll keep you posted on events as they happen!

Meanwhile, everyone, please wash your dishes. Someone is watching you.

27 thoughts on “Anonymous Note Update!

  1. Oh boy! This is getting exciting. Whatever will happen next? I guess situations like these are bound to happen when there is a communal cups place. We keep pur cups at our desks so escape this level of adventure.

    1. Most of us do, but there are a few holdouts.
      I for one have a very tasteful mug that says “Please do not annoy the writer. She may put you in a book and kill you.”
      It warms my heart every time I use it. 😉

    1. Ain’t that the truth? But here’s the oddest part: the woman who wrote the note doesn’t drink coffee or tea or ever use the mugs! So why does it upset her they’re dirty? Why, in this instance, is she unable to live by her pet phrase ‘it is what it is’?
      Sadly, we may never know, but we can laugh at it just the same. 😄

      1. You needed to put up a note to the anonymous note writer( not so anonymous to you)
        ” To the anonymous note writer- you make my day. Keep writing. I look forward to the day, you have a book full of them and then you can self publish.”

  2. I am on the edge of my cliched seat in anticipation of the next installment. More importantly, Horizon rhymes with Verizon which means we were fated to meet. The gods deemed it so… 😉

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