Anonymous Note Update, #2!

The tension is mounting people, even drawing in our most chill-est of personnel! (If you didn’t catch our previous update, click here.)

This morning I walk into the break room for my requisite cup of Earl Grey, and there by the microwave stands one of our counselors. One of the cool ones because she reads this blog. (Although she’s running a month behind, meaning she hasn’t read my last two posts.)

Normally this woman is pretty chill. My guess is she either meditates or practices yoga in between meeting students. But this morning she was visibly tense, standing next to the microwave with her arms crossed and tapping one foot. I ask her how she’s doing. She Wash your dishes notegives me an uncertain smile, then points at the sign.

“Did you write this?” she asks.
Excuse me?” I sputter. “I sign everything I write. I’m very egotistical that way.”

She relaxes a little. Then points out the more offending parts. The use of capitals, the HELLO PEOPLE, the excess of exclamation marks. I nod in agreement.

“I kind of want to tear it down,” she admits.
“I think you should,” I say.
“Really? You think I should?”
“Yeah. Do it.”
“Yeah, we don’t need this hate,” she says, and pulls it off. And RIPS IT into little pieces before throwing it in the trash.
“Wow,” I comment.
“Yeah,” she says with a smile. And leaves with her oatmeal, looking quite pleased with herself.
The staples are all that remain on the wall.

So on the one hand, I broke my vow about not participating in this drama (beings how I egged her on). But in so doing we have a new episode in our tale and a mild-mannered counselor acted heroically.

Will Righteous Indignation retaliate? Only time will tell.

14 thoughts on “Anonymous Note Update, #2!

  1. Well, the excessive use of exclamation points is matter of federal law – use more than three and go to jail. You were quite right in stopping that kind of evil. You might check with your state or local heath inspectors, I’m thinking that staples left in a wall are a heath and safety violation…

  2. Damn, I missed this the first time around — half the tension when you already know there are three installments … but wait … will there be more? Is the rebellion over? Where are the other cups? Is this a hostage situation? …..

    1. The rebellion status is precarious at the moment, as our chief antagonist has a new bee in her bonnet: people who set items on her desk rather than her in basket. The fiends!
      No note has been posted yet, but I’m hopeful.

      1. Ah, so there is a problem to her job, had they known she was printing personal opinionated signs in the building. That’s good.
        Cuz them sisters woulda surely gotten irked, had it been THEIR paper, printer, and staples, right?
        And maybe upset at the sign thrower for not using both sides of the sheet before discarding too! 😄

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