IT Support: I Bow Before You

White dog next to person with laptopSo I’ve been doing some cleaning around the ol’ blog – not sure if you noticed? New theme, upgraded account, no ads (you’re welcome), clearing out some dead links. Just kind of sprucing things up a bit.

Not to brag – well, maybe I’m bragging a little – but I  wasn’t at all worried about making these said changes. It’s not that I’m a computer whiz, exactly.

Oh heck, let’s be honest: I’m more whizzy than your average suburban housewife.

All this is to say that on my second day of working on the blog, the new theme and upgraded no-ad account in place, I started my first post of the new year and wound up with a problem I couldn’t fix.

And I wound up calling support. *sob*

Here’s what happened… 

The post was one I started a week prior (great art doesn’t happen overnight, people). I did a little editing (32 times is a charm) and began the scheduling process. That’s when it happened.

I clicked “Set Featured Image” and this is what I saw:


For those of you who aren’t bloggers, I’ll explain what you’re seeing: YOU’RE SEEING AN EMPTY MEDIA LIBRARY!

Meaning no pictures, no graphics, no drawings, no images both free and stolen-but-I-won’t-tell-if-you-won’t. All the items I so carefully cultivated over two years, GONE!

However I want you to know, I didn’t panic right away. I figured there was some sort of glitch. Maybe because of the update, things weren’t quite in place yet. So I refreshed the page… nothing. I exited the program and reopened it… nothing. I was just about to reboot when I saw the account page was still open.

On that page was a box that said, “Ask your question here…” and a blinking icon beckoning you closer. Oh yes, that’s right: my new account came with free 24-hour support.

Should I use it?

I, who regularly helps coworkers with their computer problems?
I, who is known to forward emails from IT with snarky comments about IT?
I, who sends out her own guides on clearing cache, rather than forward the ones from IT because yeah, they’re garbage?

Ah, what the hell. It’s free.

I figured I’d type the question in the box and within an hour or so, I’d get an emailed response. So I made my question as detailed as possible. The support people at WordPress would pass it around, marvel at the obvious knowledge and expertise of the person sending it.

“Look at this masterpiece,” they’ll say to each other. “Clearly this woman knows exactly what she’s doing!” Then they’ll draw straws to see which lucky bloke or bloke-ess gets to work with me.

I click send. Within seconds I see:

-Hi Christi!

Oh! So this is a chat! (Really wish I knew that in advance. Emails I’m fine with. Online chats are another beast. They’re too much like actual conversation.)

I see the name of the Support person and guess him to be Indian. From his picture he looks to be in his early 20s.

  • First thought: I’m certain my problem will be fixed quickly. IT at work is filled with chubby old white guys and a few middle-aged white women. But a young Indian man with a name I can’t pronounce? Hell yeah, he’ll fix it!
  • Second thought: Was that racist? I fear that was racist. Yeah, it was probably racist. Reminds me of when I had my first super-serious-surgery and Husband’s grandfather asked if my doctor was Jewish, because “Jews make the best doctors.” (Actually he really was Jewish and he really was excellent, but that’s beside the point.)
  • Third thought: I lament my racist thought, but I’m still hopeful Young Man With Unpronounceable Name (MWUN) can help me.

The chat begins:

MWUN– You are trying to set featured image from Edit Post screen, right? From the blue interface?

I’m not sure what an interface is, so I ignore the question.

Me– When I click ‘set featured image’ it only gives the option of adding a photo. (I know the images are there, as I used several in the post)

I figured this last bit would reassure him I wasn’t a hysterical female.

MWUN– The images that open up when you click Set Featured Image button are from your Media Library. If you instead hoped to check the Media Library from our classic interface, it is here:  (givesthelinktomylibrarywhichIwontgiveyoubutloveyoujustthesame)
But it is the same library, available through two interfaces.

Interface. Such an interesting word. I try another tactic:

Me– I guess I’m just confused why the media library would show as I wrote the post, then disappear when I want to set a featured image. Is it because of the theme change?
MWUN– It is definitely not because of the theme change. I just double-checked, both + icon at the top of the post editor and the “Set Featured Image” open the same media library.

I forget IT people speak a different language. 

Me– Is there a way for me to send you a screenshot of what I’m seeing?
MWUN–  Sure. Let me try to see your screen.

Here’s where it got interesting. I thought I’d send him the screenshot within the chat. Instead, a little thing popped up asking if I gave permission for him to view my browser. Meaning… he’d see everything on my computer? Or only my WordPress screen? I wasn’t sure.

Just to be safe, I scanned through the open tabs, closed programs, exited out of the porn sites… You know, the usual stuff. Then I clicked ‘Approve’.

MWUN– I see you are in our classic interface. Can you click on this link to go to the edit screen of your scheduled post:  (linktomyeditscreenstillloveyoubutno)
Me Okay, I’m there
MWUN– On the lower right, do you see Featured Image section and a link titled “Set featured image”?

I can’t see it. Weird. What the heck is he talking about? There’s no Featured image section at all! I mean, all that I have in the lower right is… oh… the chat… ahem.
I minimize the chat and click ‘Set featured image.’

Me Okay, that worked. Weird how it wasn’t showing in the other.
MWUN– By other, do you mean in the blue interface?

Again with the interface. By this time I know what he’s talking about.

Me Yes. I thought the blue interface was the ‘new and improved’?
MWUN– Yes, the blue one is new and improved.

I ask him if I have to start writing my posts in the old-and-not-improved mode. I mean, holy hell, what have I done?

MWUN– I suggest you try clearing the browser cache.

This is so embarrassing!
How many times have I told coworkers to clear their cache after an update?! AUGH!

MWUN– Here is a guide showing you how:  (You can have that link. Knock yourself out.)
Then retry in your blue interface.

Oh, geez! Now he’s sending me a guide! AUGH! He thinks I don’t know how to clear my cache!

MWUN– It was a pleasure! Is there anything else I can help you with?
MWUN– Glad I could help! If you’re sure you don’t need anything else–
MWUN– I’ll close this chat for now. If you need any additional help, please feel free to start a new chat!

Humility is a nasty pill to take. Just sayin’.
Here goes: IT Support at work? I apologize for all the snarky comments I ever made about you. I know you have no clue what I’m talking about, but I apologize just the same.

On a lighter note, “Look Ma! No ads!”

19 thoughts on “IT Support: I Bow Before You

  1. Ooh, I thought things looked a different the last time I was here. Then again, I was a little on the tired side and suffering from lack of sleep hallucinations…which might explain the tap dancing hippo in the corner of my room…
    The full extent of my IT knowledge is “have you tried switching it off then on again?” Works every time.

    1. Yeah, I realize it’s not a very dramatic change. I’m all about subtlety. Like when I get my hair cut and no one can EVER tell. Even people I live with.
      Either that or I’ve acquired the superpower of invisibility. Hmm. Maybe I should test that. 😎

      1. Oh but it is a noticeable change and one much better to my failing eyesight. It’s bolder yet kind of light, like when you declutter a house. In fact I really like it. It was just I was too tired to see the full changes at first.

  2. I used to do support work. Half the time it felt like we were talking to idiots and half the time apologizing for the poor quality of the software and the other half were put down as, “adjusted operator.” Yes, that’s three halves – we support guys can’t count…

    1. Haha! I expect it had to be difficult trying to figure out what was going on, along with how much the user knew or was capable of. I do better if I’m looking at their screen, over the phone would be awful.

  3. I like the new look. Unfortunately, now that the Christmas Truce is over, I’m still at war with IT so I can’t comment or say anything nice about them. Happy New Year and Cheers

  4. I am truly fond of this link you created: “givesthelinktomylibrarywhichIwontgiveyoubutloveyoujustthesame” . I was already grinning, as I generally am with your posts, but that one kicked it for me. Ah, the joyous way in which you can transform a happenstance into a lark. (Yes, I’m channeling the spirit of Daphne du Maurier at the moment.) Personally, I cried for two days when I converted to a premium theme and suddenly NOTHING WAS WHERE IT SHOULD BE! The wretched horror! (Still Daphne.) Of course, now I’m rather used to it and I couldn’t even tell you how the old one worked… 😉

  5. I suppose I should bite the bullet and upgrade one of these months, if for nothing else to get rid of the ads. (If they actually showed me the annoying ads they’re no doubt showing everyone else rather than the “Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement” blurb I probably would have upgraded already, just to stop being annoyed.) In theory, as a former developer I shouldn’t need IT support either. Famous last words…

    1. Well, the only reason it was important to me is that I was at a coworkers desk when she was reading my blog and I saw one of the ads. I can’t remember what it was for, but it had a picture of Trump – and I was fairly sure it was the kind of picture neither Trump supporters or haters would want to see. In any case, I definitely didn’t want it on my blog!

  6. 🙂 we all make small, teeny “oops” sometimes – but I get how you felt. I’ve been there in a rather fetching shade of bright embarrassment and don’t-look-at-me red. Your blog does look nice and clean (as Lily said) and it is easier for me to read now, so well done.

  7. Congratulations on the changes. It is actually quite fun to do a blog facelift, isn’t it!
    I think WordPress sometimes breaks things when they roll out new features. They don’t give much thought to how their clients want to use the software.

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