Bumper Sticker Theology

Bumper Sticker ChristianIt was only a matter of time before our Bad Theology series turned its gaze upon our cars. What we found there could fill a book, my friends.

In fact, the real question became: Is it possible to find good theology on a bumper sticker?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

  1. First up, a van with conflicting messages:

van with conflicting messages

Don’t think about it too much, my friends. This guy certainly didn’t.

2. This one made me cringe:

Body Piercing

Never fails to amaze me how lightly some Christians take the crucifixion.

3. Next up, we turn political in a bad way:

Christian lives matter

I’m guessing anyone who has this on their car doesn’t agree with Black Lives Matter.
They’re entitled to their opinion.
But as Christians, shouldn’t we be sympathetic to marginalized voices, and not be so callous as to imply we are facing the same issues?

4. Let’s turn another direction and give the Lefties a say:



Darn it, Liberals. Sure, you’ve got some humor on the second one, but I really hoped you’d at least try to bridge the divide. (Friendly tip: Don’t leave your car unattended in certain states; it might get keyed.)

5. In any case, let’s hope the Liberal doesn’t run into this guy:

Straight conservative christian gun owner

6. Or this one:



7. Every election brings its own brand of Bad Theology, the last one especially so. This was one of the more tasteful I found from the anti-Hillary front:


I wonder if Bill knows she’s the anti-Christ?

8. We have time for a rebuttal:


Sorry, I’m calling this one out too.
Let’s consider the fact that of the 62 million Americans who voted for Trump, there might very well be some decent eggs in the bunch. And again, this bumper sticker isn’t exactly building bridges, is it?

9. Instead, let’s consider this:

Neither Democrat nor Republican

I’m willing to give it a shot. How about you?

10. I’m adding this one because it made me giggle and gives us a perfect 10:

To wrap up, here’s a quote a coworker posted at her desk this week (Think of it as her desk’s bumper sticker):

The way we love the people we disagree with is the best evidence of what we really believe. — Bob Goff

And that, my friends, is what we call Good Theology.

We’ll tackle more bumper stickers next week.

Until then,
Vaya con Dios

20 thoughts on “Bumper Sticker Theology

  1. I’m going with 10 — I laughed out loud. Actually, the first bumper sticker ever was found on a chariot from the 2nd century Athens. It read “I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in Zeus.”

  2. #2 – I actually like some of the morbid funny Christian bumper stickers. Like that one. Or the one I saw with a picture of a cross that said, “tree-hugger.”

    #3 – Probably a reference to the Middle East, where there actually is for-real persecution of Christians (and not the mostly-imaginary war-on-Christmas type). But it can come across as insensitive, just with the greater awareness of Black Lives Matter and the Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter dynamic here.

  3. Whew, I made it through without having to fess up that I have any of these in my own inventory, whether a sticker or a meme or a dusty t-shirt that I once bought but never wore because that’s generally how I roll with sloganed t-shirts. (But #10 does have a certain allure.) Anyway, once again a terrific post in this series…

    1. I was never a walking billboard either, t-shirt wise. Despite this, one of my sisters once gave me a shirt that said, “If you don’t like my peaches, then don’t shake my tree.” And my mother insisted I wear it because if I didn’t, my sister’s feelings would be hurt.
      So I wore it. Once. And yeah, a guy walked over and shook me.
      I’m thinking it was the guy with #5 and/or #6 above. THAT guy. (If you see him, beat him up for me, will ya?)

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