The Blue-eyed, Blond-haired Son of God

A Facebook friend shared this with me:


Dang funny, I gotta admit.

Of course, as it was Western Europe who dominated the faith and its art for so long, it stands to reason they depicted Jesus to look like themselves.

And in my opinion, that’s okay. There’s just one eensy, weensy, problem…

The problem comes when we insist it’s the only way to depict Jesus. And then act all offended when other cultures adopt their own versions.

Because if his message is for all people, then shouldn’t ALL people have their own Jesus? Looked at from this light, he’s really quite beautiful.

Frankly, I think our churches would do well to adopt multicultural portraits of Jesus. Instead of selecting only one to display, how about putting them all up? From every culture you can find.

It could set us on a far better path, don’t you think?

Until next week,
Vaya con Dios

7 thoughts on “The Blue-eyed, Blond-haired Son of God

  1. Yes, put them all up. Of course, no one really knows what he looked like – they didn’t have cell phone cameras and selfies then. Any picture of him is just made up and no basis in fact. Still, some are beautifully.

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