Righteousness is a Dangerous Business

bizarrobelieverjerkcolorThis is my second theology post with a Bizarro comic. I fear if this continues, I’m going to have to add Dan Piraro as a cowriter and give him a cut of my earnings.

As much as I love this comic – as well as most every comic Piraro puts forth (here’s his blog, by the way) – I think we all know religion doesn’t have a monopoly on self-righteousness. We see it nearly everywhere:

  • Vegetarians versus Meat eaters
  • Nonsmokers and smokers
  • iPhone over Android
  • Health Food nuts and Junk Food fans
  • Mac versus PC
  • Every Political Opinion in Existence

Maybe it’s just an innate human weakness. We want to feel good about ourselves and our choices, and if we go to all the bother of practicing self-discipline, or spending twice as much for a computer, we darn well want to feel superior as a result.

But none of these things actually make you a better person than anyone else. Hard to believe, but true.

And strangely enough, our choice of religion doesn’t grant us Good People status either. Especially if it leads us into self-righteous behavior.

The only thing guaranteed to turn you into a better person is following this blog. But you still don’t want to be a jerk about it.

So let this be a warning for us. If we find ourselves feeling oh-so-much better or smarter than the guy who goes to a different church, or the gal who doesn’t go to any church, or the dude on the street corner holding a sign that says “All Give Praise to Lord Maradona” then we should immediately stop and give ourselves:


https://ladygeekgirl.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/buffy-the-vampire-slayer-with-cross-300x225.jpgTwo Facepalms and
One Get-Thee-Behind-Me-Satan

Because self-righteousness is a dangerous business, my friends.

(And I sure hope this post didn’t come across self-righteous.)

Until next week,
Vaya con Dios!

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