IWD: Like A Bra, You Support Me

corinne-kutz-157291In case you haven’t heard, today is International Women’s Day.

I hear there are places where women didn’t show up for work and one person told me they heard of a school that had to close for the day. (I haven’t verified that, just thought it was interesting.)

Where I work, we all showed up. Because that’s what we do. (We need the money.)

Not that we neglected the day. One lovely coworker/friend (who has her own blog HERE), emailed some facts on IWD with the following graphic:


It’s a great graphic, only I wonder why the blonde is the only one who looks like she has to go to the bathroom? As a blonde, this concerns me. Seems like one of the other women would point out where it was.

I mean, come on! Help a poor girl out!

Which, I believe, is the chief message of International Women’s Day. We need to back each other up, respect each other, speak kindly about one another, teach our daughters by both word and example (sons too!), and point out the nearest bathroom to any woman who requires use of it.

In short, we need to support each other.

And since we’re on the subject of support, my coworker/blogger friend gave me a thank-you card today.

What happened is that yesterday she did a presentation at a teacher’s meeting and I went with her as moral support. I’m here to say she did her job splendidly. She certainly didn’t need me standing behind her, but I’m glad I saw her in action. Plus, I got a card and two Hershey minis out of it.

Here’s the card:

Is that not the best message you ever saw?

Let’s do it lady friends. Let’s be like bras. Let’s give each other a lift, support one another, and give each other the confidence we need to make a difference.

Happy International Women’s Day!

#BeBoldForChange #LikeABra #GiveSupport

18 thoughts on “IWD: Like A Bra, You Support Me

    1. Yes, we need all the support we can get. Well, maybe not me so much, as I’m kinda flat-chested, but, you know, in the other way support is needed.
      I think I’m losing my grasp on the simile. 😉

    1. OMG, you’re back!!! (I haven’t been to my reader lately, have you posted? Never mind, I’ll check!)
      I think there’s an app that locates the closest bathroom wherever you are. Maybe I should download it!

    1. You see all of us, throughout the day. Some more than others, I suppose, depending on how well we stay hydrated! (By the way, thanks for providing the inspiration for this post!)

    1. I have a hunch there’s a bit of stereotyping going on here, though I may be sensitive in that regard.
      Wanna see me lose my cool? Watch me when a woman says, “Omg, I’m so stupid. I guess I just had a blonde moment.” Now watch as the woman slowly backs out of the room, carefully avoiding my steely glare.
      Your support is greatly appreciated. 😊

  1. We think so much alike, Christi, it could be unnerving in any other forum. The only silver-haired one in the group would bother me too – my glasses are usually on top of my head – sometimes several pair. Often confused for being blonde, this hair’s red-gone-gray, so no worries!

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