17 thoughts on “A Universal Truth ;-)

    1. Um… well, Kathy, I’m afraid I need more to go on. I’ve looked through the list of emoticons on both my phone and laptop, and I don’t see any that look like rib-challenged x-rays.

    1. My first drafts were along the lines of “For every emoticon over two” or “the excessive use of emoticons” etc., but it wasn’t working. Then I realized, humor resides in exaggeration and absolutes, so I reworded it to what you see before you.
      In other words, Sir Brian, you’re in the clear. Use winky faces to your heart’s content. 😉 😉 😉

      1. Whew! I know it’s an archaic emoticon and it completely destroys my street cred (with the two people who still believe I have such) but it’s just a security-blanket thing when I hit that little guy… 😉

    1. True enough. I actually know someone whose texts look like the one above. Peculiar thing is, she’s about 60 years old and has a master’s degree. But emotionally? *snarkygigglyemoticonhere*

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