Polly’s Party Game: The Feeding on Folly Edition

How do I get into these things?

Somehow, through no fault of my own, I wind up participating in some sort of friendly, “getting to know you” kind of game. And this is bad because I really stink at them.

It goes waaay back. Like in high school, when a friend would start with:

“Okay, so you’re on a desert island and you can only have two things–”
“Why two things? Who’s keeping me from having more things?”
“No one. It’s just you only have two things.”
“That’s dumb. Who goes to a desert island with only two things?”
“That’s all you have after your ship sank.”
“Wait, I was on a ship? Why did it sink? Are we at war?”
“Gah! Never mind!”

Suffice it to say, I avoid those sorts of things. But the other day, Rhonda over at Pollyanna’s Path wrote of her Party Game, and me being the observant reader that I am, asked if she expected others to play.

And what with one thing leading to another… well… here’s me playing Polly’s Party Game. (Man. I really stepped into this one.)

1) If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I used to say invisibility, but being a woman on the other side of 50, I recently acquired that superpower and can report it’s nothing to write home about.
So I’ve decided what I really want is the power to remove fear. For instance, say you tell me what your dream is: You always wanted to be a writer (or singer, or painter, etc.), but…  and as soon as you hit that ‘but’, I reach into your brain and remove the fear that’s holding you back. That’s what I want to do.
Bonus points if I can do it for myself as well.

2) Dogs or cats?


3) Would you rather see John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen in concert?

I can only assume you’re planning on drugging me and leaving me at a rock concert, but you’re nice, so you want to know which concert I prefer. And while I appreciate that, I still have to wonder why you’re drugging me and leaving me at a rock concert.
Fact is, I avoid crowded venues. Especially if there’s a chance the crowd will be overly exuberant, and I think it’s safe to say both those artists would have very exuberant crowds.
Any chance you could leave me at a jazz club instead?

4) Who would play you in the movie or t.v. version of your life?

Hmm. Well, I guess I’d say either Joan Cusack or Maggie Gyllenhaal, for the simple reason they both seem like women you might be meet at the store one day. Also, I like how they laugh, and I hope any story of my life includes a lot of laughter.

5) What’s your current platform?

I wasn’t sure what you were going for here, so I did Google search for “what’s your platform” and found this:

The word platform itself is a metaphor for a stage on which you are elevated above the crowd. It makes it possible for everyone in the audience to see you.

*sob* Please make it stop
Hiding behind the written word is more my thing. For the time being, I’m hiding on this blog.
Truth: putting my real name and real picture on my blog was a HUGE step for me. *patsselfonback*

6) Pick what you perceive as the perfect ingredient for the best dessert: Pineapples or Peanut Butter.

Really? Pineapple or peanut butter?  That’s what I’ve got to work with?
What sort of kitchen is this that I’ve only got a choice of pineapple or peanut butter? Is this some cruel baking show? Are Dole and Jiff the only sponsors?
Listen, how about we skip the sweets, pour ourselves a glass of wine and share a nice cheese platter instead?

Photo by Stefan Johnson on Unsplash

That’s it. Six questions. One thing you can say for Rhonda, she keeps things short and sweet.

And now it’s your turn to answer the questions. The rules are… to my knowledge there are no rules. You can either answer the questions in the comments below, or on your own platform where everyone can see you.


20 thoughts on “Polly’s Party Game: The Feeding on Folly Edition

  1. Thanks for the shout out lady! I totally dig jazz too. And wine. And cheese. I’m not terribly complicated. Like your choices for who’d play you. I love Joan Cusak, especially when she was in Shameless as crazy woman Sheila. But your best response was about having a superpower that eliminates fear. It’d be like being the magical version of Oprah. Oh, wait..she’s already magical.

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      1. It’s on Showtime. Which unfortunately we no longer have. But I’ve pretty much watched all of the seasons anyway. I do recommend! But it’s not kid friendly by any stretch of the imagination. It’s completely inappropriate but so well acted and funny.

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  2. My answers:
    1 – Don’t need another super power. Can’t deal with all the ones I have.
    2 – Cats, why would anyone say dogs?
    3 – I use to say Johnny Cash, but I heard he died. By the way, who are those two guys?
    4 – Umm, actually I was hoping they’d skip making my life into a movie. People might die of boredom watching it.
    5 – Wooden
    6 – Dessert is evil and I refuse to support evil institutions.

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  3. No wonder we’re friends; you not only presented the perfect Super Power, but I adore both your movie images. As for the perfect platform – there isn’t one in my story. I’d be too concerned people could see up my nose (or worse).

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  4. 1. Power to wave my hand and have any and all leaders more interested in personal/party power and/or greed rather than the common good reduced to mucking out the stalls of horses with gastric issues. After all, they’re usually pretty good at shoveling it.
    2. Cats. Nothing against dogs, I just know cats better.
    3. Mellencamp I suppose, although I hear Springsteen does an amazing concert.
    4. Some relatively unknown actor from a respected regional theater.
    5. As an old IT guy, platform usually meant Windows, Unix, Mainframe, or Mac. I’ve done ’em all except Macs.
    6. Pineapple. Who ever heard of peanut butter upside down cake?

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    1. Your super power sounds waaay cool, and I love how you want to give a community theater actor their shot at stardom. I salute you, good sir! And if there was a way to safely ship a pineapple upside down cake, I’d bake one for you. 😉

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  5. Great Game — I’ll play
    1) I’d love to read minds –not everybody’s just a special few.
    2) Dogs — cats have too much Loki in their soul.
    3) Springsteen — just because.
    4) John Cusack — bright, moody and a bit unsure of himself (plus I like the skinny tie/simple black suit look)
    5) A laughing dissident
    6) Pineapple — and a trip to Hawaii to get one.
    That was fun. Thanks Rhonda

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  6. My quicky take:
    1. In tribute to your wonderful and thoughtful answer, I dare not suggest an alternate.
    2. Cats. I’ve had and loved many dogs, but it’s cats for me.
    3. Springsteen, no hesitation, although I do like Mellencamp.
    4. Alan Alda
    5. Shoes
    6. In my younger decades, pineapple. Now it would be peanut butter.

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    1. Yes, I can see Alan Alda in your shoes. Good choice!
      Off topic, but the best “getting acquainted” game I’ve ever played was one where everyone had to write down who would play them in a movie, then the names were read off and we had to guess who they picked. The one who got the most right won.
      Everyone in the group knew each other so it wasn’t terribly hard, but no one got a perfect score. What threw us off was that one of the women chose Meryl Streep, when she neither looked nor acted anything like her. Her explanation was, “She’s tall and I always wanted to be tall.”

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  7. 1. The power to selectively alter reality. Why, yes, that effectively makes me a god. You didn’t specify an upper limit to the power and if you’re going to have delusions, you might as well go for the really satisfying ones (as Marcus used to say).

    2. Dogs. I’m allergic to cats. Unless I get the superpower, then I can remove my cat allergy and enjoy both dogs and cats.

    3. Never gonna happen, although I admire John for using a fake name (Johnny Cougar) to get famous and then changing back to his real name once people decided they liked his music. Very smart.

    4. Bradley Cooper. (And we’re back to delusions.)

    5. Twitter. I only attract attention for 140 (280?!) characters and can disappear again.

    6. Whoever came up with that question does not understand the meaning of dessert. Although I suppose peanut butter can be used in cookies. So peanut butter, but only if chocolate chip cookies made with brownie mix instead of cookie dough is not an option. And remember, “life is uncertain – eat dessert first” (Ernestine Ulmer).


    1. I found this in my Spam folder for some reason, so I apologize for not finding you sooner!
      I fully support your delusions. Why have I never considered the godlike stature from a superpower?! I’m in awe! Especially as I picture you looking *exactly* like Bradley Cooper. 👍


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