22 thoughts on “Bible Stories in Text: Adam & Eve, Part 2

  1. And it’s all downhill from here as Eve is tricked into making Adams clothes and fixing his meals while Adam and the snake hang out at the pub singing Irish tunes that haven’t been invented yet.

  2. I’m swooning once again. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is to click on your blog, knowing full well that you may have not had the time for a new post, only to find a fresh delivery, sparkling on arrival. You simply must continue doing these or I will become ever so fretful. (“So much mad.”)…. 😉

    1. Golly, thanks! The thought of someone swooning over my scribblings fills me with joy! (Though you might want to check your meds if it happens often.)
      Fret not, good friend, as I have several future textings in a notebook right next to me. They’re percolating as I write this. ☺️

  3. It’s all been said because like the White Rabbit, I’m late (again) …. so all I need add is that this is sublime! Please say you are copyrighting your work. I am serious. Was once a William Morris Agent – that serious 😉

  4. Loved it. I’m hanging out for Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat (I loved that musical)- bet you’ve got a better/new angle on that one. Or Cain and Abel, David and Goliath, Moses – you’ve got a long list in front of you. (notice how there are so few women … sigh)

    1. I have a few ideas for Joseph, not sure which I’ll pursue. (That’s a great story, isn’t it?) David & Goliath is nearly done, and Moses and the Burning Bush – gotta have that one!
      You bring up a good point with the women. There aren’t many in the Bible, but the ones who made it are rather fascinating. Man, I can see some great texts with Jezebel!
      Wow, Claudette, you’ve filled me with ideas! Thanks! 😀

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