Would You Stay Here?

I’m sure this is a fine establishment. A lovely bed and breakfast in the historic downtown area of Glendale Arizona.

All the same, I rather not take a chance.

Gaslight Inn

Good morning, ma’am. How did you sleep? I hope the room was to your satisfaction?

Well, yes, only I kept hearing footsteps in the room above me.

That’s impossible ma’am. There is no room above you.

What are you talking about? Of course there’s a room above me. I saw a man walk up the stairs last night.

You must have imagined it.

You bear a striking resemblance to Charles Boyer. Has anyone ever told you that?

Never. Here’s the coffee you ordered.

I didn’t order coffee.

Yes you did.

No I didn’t. I don’t like coffee.

Of course you do. You love coffee.

I do?

Here’s your spinach omelet.

But I didn’t–

Yes you did.

Hey, did the lights just dim?

It’s your imagination. Drink the coffee ma’am. You’ll feel better.

15 thoughts on “Would You Stay Here?

  1. Years ago, I stayed at a bed and breakfast in Bisbee, Arizona with my ex-wife. We didn’t get any sleep that night and it wasn’t because we were having a good time. She was afraid from the start and I guess it rubbed off on me because we heard noises all night long. And the bathroom was in the hallway so I had to stand guard whenever she had to go which was often. I’ve heard there are many towns like this in Arizona and there all haunted.

      1. It wasn’t the Copper Queen but another one and they did advertise about a ghost living there. I don’t know if it was just the power of persuasion or the beers we drank at the saloon or both but we heard strange sounds.

  2. No way in hell would I stay at The Gaslight Inn. BTW, did anybody ever tell you, you bear a striking resemblance to Ingrid Bergman? Perhaps it was that fellow at the front desk.

    1. Right? How incongruous is that scene? Hey, let’s have a Teddy Bear Tea Party! And oh, while we’re at it, we’ll make you think of a movie where a woman is on the verge OF A MENTAL BREAKDOWN! Caused by her HUSBAND!
      By the way, did you know the term “gaslighting” came from the play/movie? I thought it was the other way around. Interesting, don’t you think?

      1. Yay! I finally know a bit of trivia that actually has some merit. Yep, “gaslighting” became a popular term after the play/movie introduced yet another way to torment the folks we supposedly love. In later years, it was also used as a descriptor for Soviet propaganda and political manipulation of the facts. Hmm. That seems to ring a current bell…

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