Under the Sea and Over Their Heads

Our school’s homecoming was this past weekend. To promote it, as they do every year, our Student Government ordered t-shirts and passed them out to Admin and other staff.

Personally, I’m on the “thanksbutnothanks” list. Meaning I missed out on this one:


The Homecoming theme was “Under the Sea”, so the front of the shirt has a shark. But for some reason, the back has a whale tail.

Get it? Whale tail?

Just do a quick search. First thing that pops up (from Urban Dictionary):

Term used to describe the visible part of a thong on a chick’s butt when worn with low rise pants – resembles a whale’s tail

Certain questions arose:

  • Are our students able to tell the difference between a shark and a whale?
  • If they are, do they understand what a whale tail represents?
  • If they do, did they think they’d make fools of our Admin?
  • And if they did, were they surprised when the Admin wore the shirts, despite being fully aware of what ‘whale tail’ represents?

Whale Tail

Yes, I work for a fun-loving group. 😄

Reportedly, the students who designed the shirt did not — repeat, did NOT — know the meaning behind “whale tail.” And obviously don’t know the difference between a shark’s tail and a whale’s.

Since we run a full service blog here at Feeding on Folly, here’s a brief lesson:

Shark's tail
Shark’s tail
Whale's tail
Whale’s tail
Whale tail

I believe kudos are in order for Adults Who Caught a Pop Culture Reference before the Youth did.

Also, here’s a Thumbs Up 👍 to our Admin, for not taking themselves too seriously, having some fun in the process, and not making an issue where there was no issue to be made. Bravo!

(Though I gotta say, I’m still relieved I didn’t get a shirt.)


26 thoughts on “Under the Sea and Over Their Heads

    1. Now, now, Anna. Don’t be so sure! The girl who designed it, if I told you her name, you’d know she was innocent. It’s possible others knew, but we only saw reactions/giggles from adults.
      Making me think that this particular fashion trend has passed. Dare we hope?

    1. Oh yeah, I see what you mean!
      What’s weird is that every other promotional thing we saw for the homecoming had mermaids, schools of fish, sunken treasure chests, and so on. Then we see the shirt and Augh, Shark! Really not sure what they were going for with that.

      1. 🙂 Maybe it’s an Oz thing – we tend to call then g-strings as thongs are something you wear on your feet!!!! Now I shall worry about having a whale tale on each of my feet this summer.

  1. Kudos to your team for going with it … really – life should never be taken TOO seriously especially where youngsters in high spirits are involved. 🐳 🦈

      1. I’ve never fully understood that mentality given the sheer weight of one’s life spent working …. I mean – we don’t have to advocate full on office circus but a little levity makes the day go with brevity 🙂

            1. {ISP crash} As I was saying, maybe it’s my Zonie roots, or it could be our kooky kinship. At any rate FoF is one of my top 3 my go-to blogs any time I need a lift – or don’t know what I want to eat =>

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