Bible Stories in Text: David & Bathsheba

You may not believe this, but I wrote this piece long before the news about a certain Hollywood producer hit the fan. But given the subject matter — a powerful man taking advantage of a powerless girl — it really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

For context, read II Samuel, chapter 11, verses 1-4 …

David and Bathsheba 1

David and Bathsheba 2David and Bathsheba 3David and Bathsheba 4David and Bathsheba 5

Four missed calls
Two voicemail

11 thoughts on “Bible Stories in Text: David & Bathsheba

  1. It’s tragic how little we have actually evolved – we hide behind invention and it is true that heating and sanitation and transport and communication have all progressed immeasurably. Sadly mankind has not.

    1. Thanks, Claudette. Somehow these tales are easier to take in a different format.
      Still angers me how long Bathsheba was portrayed as some sort of shameless hussy. Only recently does it appear to be changing.

  2. Great take on this story and the Bible says David was punished and all but effectively he sinned and his son from this liaison (when it became legal) became his successor.
    I am not sure why Bathsheba was sunbathing on her roof though( no offence to women) but these were Biblical times and women I think did not bathe so often or bathed in privacy( or am I mistaken)- just a legitimate question. I am not justifying David at all. Just asking a contextual question.

    1. I heard someone talking about this. The Bible says David was on his roof and saw a beautiful woman bathing. So was she on her roof, in a public bath house, or in her own residence and he could see through a window, we really have no idea. But nowhere does it say she was deliberately exposing herself in the hopes of being seen, it’s just been shown that way in our movies and stories.
      But as you said, even if it was true, it in no way justifies David. A man of integrity knows how to behave.

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