Three Word Challenge in Text: My Thematic Response Using Untoward Reasoning

A few weeks ago, a certain blogger by the name of Brian of Bonnywood issued a challenge. He’d give me three words, and I’d write a story with said words.

Seemed easy at the time. Then I saw the words: Thematic, Untoward, and Reasoning.

I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am. I mean, I don’t know what I did to the guy, but clearly he had it in for me.

What’s more — now get this — he added, “And I challenge you even further by suggesting that a recipe and/or Norwegian kinfolk be involved in some way… ”


I decided I needed to have a chat with the guy. I sent him a text:

Brian 1

Brian 2

Brian 2 and a half

Brian 3Brian 4

Two hours later…

Brian 5Brian 6Brian 7Brian 8Brian 9

You can read about Brian’s challenge here.

(Hint: he’ll accept your response in text.)

29 thoughts on “Three Word Challenge in Text: My Thematic Response Using Untoward Reasoning

  1. OMG! I am DYING over this. Dying! (Yes, you have reduced me to emotive-teen response mode.) This is so clever and creative and fully embraces the spirit of just running with what little you have been given. I so want to post this RIGHT NOW, but I’m trying to stick with the order in which I received the other submissions. I will not be able to sleep until I can share this. (Dying!)

    Less giddy, professional response: Thank you for your submission to Bonnywood Manor Publications. We will review your manuscript and contemplate the remote possibility that someone on our selection committee might be interested enough to care. Have a mildly pleasant day.

    1. Oh, I’m more than happy to wait in line behind the other submissions, no worries at all!… *climbs over Claudette, slips two bloggers a mickey*… Yep, patience is my middle name!

      Dear Bonnywood Press,
      Thank you for considering my humble entry for your illustrious publication. It is my sincere hope we are able to work together for many years. Please know that my rates are quite reasonable and I only ask for occasional foot massages and back rubs.

  2. Most Excellent Christi – very entertaining as usual. Now, jsut one thing, are you planning to turn BofM’s check account money into a tasty new recipe ? If so, please share 🙂

    1. Of course I will always share with you, Claudette, but my plans cover much more than mere recipes. Brian’s account was shockingly generous, therefore I’m flying in a private chef for an evening of epicurean delights. You in?

  3. That was just fantabulous! I had to call in on you, so whilst I’m mulling over who your infamous dead relative is, I came here. Superbly witty and clever.
    ‘You just did. Three times.’
    Crying 😉

    1. Ooooh, Fantabulous! I was just described as Fantabulous! (Trust me, this is going in the resume)
      Okay, you managed to pull out my favorite line. That makes you my favorite new follower. 👍

    1. Try MyMu$cles instead. Either that, or have a cat walk across your keyboard. Mighty strong passwords they create, so strong you’ll never be able to sign in again. 😉

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