Packing for the Move, Making Progress…

Until I hit the photo albums and, like a damned fool, I open one…

This is a picture of my dad with two Army buddies. Written on the back:

Swimming at Kamakura Beach
July, 1946

Swimming at Kamakua

My dad is the one on the left, but the other two? No idea.

As many stories as he told us about his childhood and family history, of his Army days he spoke very little.

Army photo

I should have posted these on Memorial Day.

Moving on, here’s a photo of me as a baby, making five generations of my mom’s family:

Five Generations

On the far left is my grandmother, next to her is her father, and seated is his mother, my great-great-grandmother, Kate Goodroad.

There are three things I want to point out about this photo:

  1. My mother’s dress. It’s lovely, don’t you think? She rarely wore dresses, so I’m thinking this was taken after church and given my age, we must have still been living in South Dakota.
  2. The photo on the wall behind my mom — doesn’t it look like two cats? Did my great-great-grandmother like cats? Did she have cats? (I think I would have liked her.)
  3. Look closely at the chair great-great-grandmother is sitting on. Specifically, the back and arm rests. See the dish towels? Every old person on my mom’s side of the family used dishtowels as chair protectors. It was the Goodroad/Jurgens way.

Several months after that photo was taken, my family moved to sunny Phoenix, Arizona, where we had a dog named Foxy.

Here’s a picture of Foxy in his doghouse:

Me by doghouse

I should point out that Foxy was black, so all you can see is his tongue.

Also in Phoenix, we had an above-ground pool:

Me with pool float

I sure seem happy, don’t I?

And look at my brother Dean, standing behind me. He kind of looks like he’s planning something.

I wonder what?

Me with Dean

What happened next, Dean?! Huh? WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?!

Oh, look! We have pictures from Husband’s childhood, too!

Here’s Husband with his trumpet, looking oh so cool and jazzy:

Husband and his trumpet

Do you think they planned this photo, or was it just happy coincidence the shadow landed as it did?

Also, I feel it should be pointed out, had Husband put more effort into his playing? Let’s say, practiced day and night? This would have made a mighty fine album cover.

Just sayin’.

Even so, I’m happy to report he played in his high school band.

Lucky for you, he gave me permission to post his band picture. His exact words: “Oh, I don’t care.”

Funny. Seems like he’d care.

Husband in band uniform

Cute guy.

Funny hat, but cute guy.

I’m going back to my packing now. Wish me luck.

29 thoughts on “Packing for the Move, Making Progress…

    1. Funny you should say that. Along with this photo was one of him in a pink suit with ruffled shirt. When I asked him about it, he said “I never wore a pink suit!” I showed it to him. He said, “Oh, that one.”

  1. Foxy has to be my favourite …. just a floating tongue – creased me!! It must be said that it’s a favourite amongst a whole slough of favourites …. the album cover is fantastic whether it was planned or chance. And the dishcloths. I love this. Keep up your toiling …. the end will be sited before too long. It will.

    1. You know, I nearly missed Foxy! I couldn’t understand why I was standing by the doghouse, or why they took a picture of me by the doghouse. Why not have the dog… ooohhh!
      The dishtowels are the best, aren’t they? So perfect for keeping your chairs nice and clean and looking pretty. Well, pretty if they didn’t have dishtowels on them. 😉

  2. I just realized you’ll have moved before I get to Phx. Sigh. No worries, you won’t be THAT far from my family in Chicago Land. How weird is it that I too have been sorting old photos – none I must say are as cool as yours. I’d pay money for the one of my brother’s parade band photo in which he’s wearing a red version of your brother’s. Fun post. Enjoy the packing experience.

    1. We’ll be here til the end of the June, is that before you get here? Ugh if it is!
      My husband’s hat is the best, isn’t it? I’d like to say it’s the reason I married him, but I can’t lie. It was really his bowling shoes. 😉

    1. That, sir, is the most beautiful word I’ve seen in a long time. Even better is the image I have of a person, probably a teacher in ancient times, who put a cloth over a chair and said, “Egads, we must nameth this!”

  3. Fun collection of pics. I’ll look forward to the pink suit! The antimacassars and how the chair would be lovely without them…reminds me of how the Putterer insists on little rugs next to the doors (same carpet as the carpet beneath them) so I can look at the ugly rugs instead of just shampooing the actual carpet and enjoying it without the damn little rugs (that never stay in place).

    1. I know exactly the kind of “rugs” you’re talking about, my mom insisted on them! But at least we didn’t have plastic on the furniture. That was something one of my aunts did! 😀

  4. As a musician, I cringed at the trumpet (actually a cornet) photo. He should be holding the weight of the instrument in his left hand with his right hand on the valves. So my personal opinion is, he’d just joined band and didn’t know any better – obviously a staged photo before he figured out the basics. BTW, I’m a French Horn player so often cringe at trumpets. 🙂

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