A Pink Suit, Marching Band, and Soggy Cereal

At this moment I’m in Minnesota house-hunting.

Wish me luck.

In the meantime, to keep you all amused and this blog on a regular schedule, Husband gave me permission to share a few more pictures from his youth.

Whatta guy!

First up, the pink suit…

Husband in the 70s

There are a few things Husband wants you to know:

  1. The suit is not pink. He claims it’s maroon. (It looks pink to me)
  2. This was the trend, everyone wore suits like this. (Okaaay)
  3. This was conservative compared to his friend’s suit. (Now THAT I want to see)

When I asked him what his date wore, he said he wore this to the end of the year band banquet and he didn’t have a date.

That sounds about right.

Remember when I showed you his band uniform?

Husband in band uniform

Of course you do. How could you forget?

I’m not sure what I find more appealing. Is it the tall furry hat? The way the sunlight twinkles on the visor? Or maybe it’s the shirt itself, bringing to mind the Matterhorn workers at Disneyland.

In any case, Husband informs me that the ensemble was actually the updated uniform.

So what was the old uniform like? So glad you asked.

hsbandoldNow I don’t know about you, but I rather like this uniform and see no reason for it to be updated.

I like the color scheme (black and gold, his school colors), the enormous letter in case he forgot what school he went to (Maryvale High), and I especially love the hat!

But you know what I love best about this uniform?

It reminds me of Commodore Condello’s Salt River Navy Band!

Commodore Condello's Salt River Navy BandFor those of you who didn’t spend your childhood in Arizona during the 70s, you have my sympathy. Reason being, you missed this wonderful group performing for the Wallace and Ladmo show.

If you never heard of Wallace and Ladmo — again, my heart goes out to you — you missed something pretty dang special. They were the children’s show to beat all children shows, going over 35 years presenting cartoons, skits, musical sketches and lots of snarky humor to the children of Phoenix.

It was glorious.

One of their bits was this band, and I had one serious crush on Commodore Condello, let me tell you.

And now that I think about it, Husband looks remarkably like him in that band uniform. In fact, had Husband wore his band hat to the banquet? And I was just a wee bit older and actually knew him?

I totally would have been his date.

Just for fun, this was my favorite song from the show:

I don’t think there was a kid at my school who didn’t know every word to Soggy Cereal.


I’m gonna miss this city.

24 thoughts on “A Pink Suit, Marching Band, and Soggy Cereal

  1. That video is hysterical! I can’t tell if the folks were actually cute or not, to my young-person-1970s eyes, but I am sure I would have had a crush on at least one of them–

    Your husband was a cute young man, and is a good sport to let us see these photos. Good luck finding a great place to live!

    P.S. Pink, really–they may have called it maroon, but that was just a thing to fool guys into wearing pink–

    1. What can I say? I was always attracted to musicians. Especially ones with tall furry hats.
      You’re probably right about the pink ruse. It’s the same thing they pull with “man purse” and “man bun.” If we add “man” to a word, presto, it’s manly!

      1. I was always friends with or dated musicians too. Some people are just into that world, I think. We moved here to just outside Woodstock NY last year, and there are still plenty of musicians around, all ages, all levels of fame and skills.

        Nah, adding ‘man’ to a word can be sort of hipster-bogus, and doesn’t fool people older than hipsters, I have noticed. We already know that that guy has his hair in a bun or has a purse or whatever and we never had to make it clear that it was more than just long hair or a bun or a purse. I’m old enough to remember when signs were just signs, and the first few people to say ‘signage’ were openly laughed at because it was a madeup bogus word and ‘signs’ already worked fine for hundreds of years! Oh well–everyone has different tastes. Those are cute photos though.

  2. What great photos! My family left Phoenix for Southern California in ’65. I grew up with Wallace and Ladmo (and Gerald the brat) and missed them fiercely for years. Maybe THAT explains it 😉

    1. Another Wallace and Ladmo fan — I should have guessed!
      Most of the times when I tell people about the show, they just don’t get it. I think the best thing about it was how they never talked down to kids, meaning even adults and teenagers could enjoy it. *sigh* It was a great show…

      1. You are so right about their regard for kids. My sons and I got a circus kit, so we were definitely fans. Hasn’t been and doubtful ever will be another show like it.

  3. Oh now I’m too jealous … Commodore Condello is exactly what my teen spirit lacked the smell of.
    Armed with your raw wit and undoubted wisdom you will breeze by in Minnesota …. note I said ‘raw wit’ and ‘breeze’ not raw breeze which I do understand might be a default in those parts. Although I am with you on the lack of need to update the Maryvale High Marching Band Uniform from the positively dapper original, I am indebted to whoever had the ruse because without it I may never have bust a rib laughing all over again at that pink furry high-hat.

    Go softly and I hope by now the perfect new nest has presented itself with a curtsy to you both 🙂

    1. There’s just something about a musician, am I right? Condello had the most soulful eyes, I was hooked the moment I saw him. Sadly, never in person, but thems the breaks.

      The home did present itself, but only after a few detours by homes that promised much but failed to deliver. (We’ve learned so much about online realtor sites — what they’re not showing is FAR more important than what they are.)
      The home we found is modest but appears well loved and cared for. We’re still working through the process, but I hope to be able to say things are a go within…. three weeks? Give or take a week. 😉

  4. Personal connections to this post:

    1. My high school colors were also black and gold. I don’t recall ever shifting to pink, unless you count my dubious arrival…

    2. We went to Disneyland when I was a wee urchin. It scared the hell out of me…

    3. Our local kiddie TV show in Tulsa (urchin again) was “Uncle Zeb’s Cartoon Camp”. With that name alone, I don’t think I should share any more details. Use your imagination…

    1. 1. Mine were maroon and white. Our school fight song – I don’t remember the words, but at some point we shouted “maroon and white, out of sight!” Pretty sure it was written in the 50s.
      2. Really? Was it the 7 Dwarfs? I heard they can be real terrors.
      3. Uncle Zeb sounds like cover for a pedophile.

  5. Aw! What a sweet story! My high school band also got updated uniforms halfway through my time there. I liked the old ones better myself. The new ones had this hat that looked like it belonged to Teddy Roosevelt which was ok, but then we also had a plume sticking straight up on the side. Past me would say I’m glad that there is no evidence of myself in this outfit since we had to keep our uniforms at school, but now I kinda wish there was.

    1. You have to wonder the thought process behind those kinds of uniforms. Did someone think they were cool? Was it just to be eye-catching, or was it to gather sympathy for the students? We may never know.

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