R.I.P. Fluffy, Bear of Noble Mien

Moving across country is not for the softhearted.

One must be willing to part with unnecessary items. Purge the dross. Winnow possessions to the basic few.

It is no time for sentiment.

Therefore, it is with heavy heart that I must say farewell to thee, Fluffy Bear. Steadfast Teddy these past 45 years.

Give or take a year.


Ah, how well I remember when you entered my life.

I, a sorrowful lass who lost her previous bear due to an unfortunate intake of far too much candy, and his subsequent visit to the washing machine.

Alas, poor Herman. Loved so dearly, gone so soon.

Then one sunny day, you entered my life after the family collected enough proof of purchase labels from a certain brand of toilet paper.

Our lavatory supplies were covered for the remainder of the year.

Your label read, “made of 100% fluffy synthetic fiber.” Hence your name. Fluffy.

Our early years were carefree and bright. Remember the times you watched me standing on the seat of the backyard swing, singing at the top of my lungs?


You were so kind, never pointing out my sour notes.

Later you donned your dapper attire, looking oh-so-noble in my niece’s cast-off baby jacket.

Perhaps other bears would object to the wearing of pink, but not you. You were comfortable in your skin.

And later when your nose fell off? Or your tongue? Oh, how many times they fell off! But each time you withstood the needle with such stoic silence.

It was admirable.

Sadly, all things must come to an end. And so it is with you, dear Fluffy. It is time we bring this relationship to a close.

Goodbye to you, my trusted friend…

Fluffy trashed

Don’t look at me like that, Fluffy. It’s for your own good. Do you know how cold it gets in Minnesota? You’d hate it there.

And that hole in your back? It’s not getting any smaller, you know. Why, the move alone might do you in. Never mind the cold.

Fluffy, no! Turn those orange plastic eyes away from me!

Be reasonable, Fluffy! I’m 50… um… some-odd-years-old. A 50-some-odd-years-old woman doesn’t keep a teddy bear.

It just won’t do!

You never know. You might like the landfill. Think of all the other toys you’ll meet.

Discarded dolls… unwanted G.I. Joes… unloved teddy bears…

Gah! I’m sorry Fluffy, please forgive me!

*rescues from trash*
*hugs tightly*
*weeps softly*

Come to Minnesota! We’ll keep each other warm! I’m sorry I ever considered parting; what was I thinking?

You and me, Fluffy. From now until the end of time, that is my promise.

Here’s your travel bed — my dresser’s top drawer…

Fluffy in transit

*waves back*

See you in Minnesota, Fluffy. ❤️

36 thoughts on “R.I.P. Fluffy, Bear of Noble Mien

  1. Sentimentality over practicality every time – Fluffy wins! You reminded me of a stuffed lamb I had as a kid (never a bear). I clung to that animal as if a sibling – can still picture ” Lamby” to this day. Wish I’d hung on to him the way you did Fluffy. Also, your post reminded me of that heartbreaking scene in one of the Toy Story movies, where the little girl lost interest in the doll, and the family discarded it along with a box of other toys into a dumpster. The kicker – the tearjerker “When She Loved Me” playing throughout the scene. Glad that wasn’t Fluffy’s fate!

    1. I’m confident that Toy Story will be to blame for a whole generation of hoarders. 😉
      Lamby sounds like a dear. Be at peace, Dave. I’m sure he’s in a better place.

  2. Dangit! While I was reading your post I got something in my eye and it was causing them get all watery. There’s a lot of pollen about this time of year.

    Anyway, I’m glad you kept Fluffy. I’m a sucker for a happy ending. My allergies would have gotten a LOT worse if you had gotten rid of him.

    And if it makes you feel any better, I about the same age as you and my Mom recently confided in me that she kept my old stuffed Smokey the Bear from when I was like 3 or 4. Apparently we were inseparable. It was a good reunion. And now I know for sure that only _I _can prevent forest fires. 🙂

    1. Dang that pesky pollen! And good on your Mom for finding dear Smokey. If the comments I’ve received for even admitting I *considered* discarding him are any indication, she would have been hogtied and fed to the jackals.
      By the way, it usually doesn’t take me this long to respond to comments — sorry for the delay. Big move and delay in getting modem — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

      1. Yes, after reading the comments on your post, I realized how strongly people feel about this topic!

        No problem about the delay. I, too, have been involved in a big move this past week (hence my very late response to your comment). I hope all is settling down for you now.

    1. Hi Claudette, this is me returning to the real world (or the virtual real world, anyway).
      Fluffy does indeed have a good attitude to life. He is a strong advocate for every person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of hugging.

  3. Oh my gosh ~ I was ready to drive to Phoenix and a face to face word with you, Baby!! So thankful Fluffy was saved😊
    I just packed my 60 year version of Fluffy for his move home to AZ.

    1. Well golly, I didn’t know I’d get in that kind of trouble! (Though now that I think about it, it would have been nice to see you!)
      Fluffy holds out hopes for reaching 60 relatively intact. (Not sure if his nose will hang on that long!)

  4. My head was saying; It came free with loo roll.
    But my heart was saying; Never mind that funny thing she wrote that you loved, you can no longer communicate with this woman. It’s over.
    But you saved Fluffy!!!
    P.S. I too have recently unpacked my 50+ year old teddy bear. He may spend most of his days quietly in a box, but he gets enough hugs to be reminded he’s loved and cherished.

    1. You should have seen the near lynching I was threatened with on Facebook after posting this! Jeepers, I had no idea people felt so strongly about these things. And here I thought I was being ridiculous pulling him out of the bag. Foolish me!
      Someday our bears should meet. Oh, the stories they could tell!

  5. I’m happy that Fluffy was called Fluffy and not Synthetic nor 100% or worse still Toilet Paper. I am happy that he is Fluffy and I am happy that he has a doozy little jacket for his journey and for all the days that are not August in Minnesota which appears from my researches to be somewhat Narnia-like in its approach to climate. I am happy that you are not parted, that you never will be. Bears must not be thrown away however logical it may seem. Abandon must overcome abandonment – the gay abandon of childhood watched over by this sentinel Teddy and contained in his squoodgy body to be released like a waft of innocence whenever you hug him tight. It’s the law. I’m sure of it.

    1. I suppose I could have named him TP now that you mention it, but Fluffy just suited him. As did his jacket that he now can’t possibly do without.
      Funny you should compare my new State to Narnia. I sent some pictures to friends recently. One said it looked like a fairy tale, the other said it was “magical.” I think your description fits best. 🙂

      1. And when you have an idle moment (!) you can play my favourite game which I invented at work many years ago. It is called ‘Casting’. You take a film or a show or a book (in this case The Chronicles of Narnia) and you cast only people you know (at work it must be colleagues) in appropriate roles. Fluffy will certainly feature but I will leave it to you to decide in what guise and of course Aslan must be chosen with the greatest of care 🦁

  6. My thoughts – she must have great parents. My father threw all my stuff from childhood away. Joke’s on him (a little) with how valuable my childhood horse collection would be today. I’m so glad you still have Fluffy. Patching works and possibly a grandchild could take over loving him when it’s time to say goodbye.

    Needless to say, I saved all my children’s stuffed animals. They now mostly belong to the grand kids. Except for Mr Turtle who still hangs out on my “40 something” daughter’s bed.

    1. Well, there’s an entry in my baby book about a monkey I was very attached to. I asked my parents what happened to it and they said “you were too attached to it so we took it away.” So it’s more likely I hid Fluffy from them to save him from a similar fate.
      I couldn’t get rid of my kids’ stuffed toys either. Funny thing, my daughter has no problem shedding her childhood toys, but my son? They’re his forever!

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