Welcome to Our Little Blog

So glad you stopped in.

Feel free to look around. Please excuse the dust in the corners, it’s been awhile since we’ve cleaned over there.

Oh, and you probably saw the sidebar hasn’t been updated in… um… well, let’s not go into that right now.

The thing is, we deeply appreciate your visit here today because we know there are bigger, mightier blogs you could be reading instead. And if there’s anything we pride ourselves on at Feeding on Folly, it’s appreciation for our readers.

Also, we’re big believers in Blog Awareness.

Blog Awareness is a lot like Self Awareness, only it applies to Blogs rather than Self. (Not sure if you caught that?)

You see, we here at FoF (that’s Feeding on Folly for the acronym-challenged among you) strive to know the Who, What, Where and Why of our internet presence.

For instance:

  • Who: CJ Hartwell & her various alter egos
  • What: A humor site with occasional recipes and questionable comma usage
  • Where: WordPress under the domain name feedingonfolly.com
  • Why: The world needs a respite from those who take everything so damn seriously. Also cookies. The world needs more cookies.

Happy with our Sense of Blog, much like one has a Sense of Self (hope this isn’t proving too difficult for you), we were satisfied with our place and forged ahead. Never looking back.

Though now we have reason to fear we grew complacent. For it’s come to our attention that while we were jotting down observations, posting our cutesy illustrations, passing off texts as worthy stories, far bigger and more important blogs were rising up.

Casting an ever-growing shadow over the FoF entity.

FoF gal overshadowed

And how do we know this?

It came about like so: Back at our last place of employment (before we left Phoenix to become a Minnesotan, dontcha know), an email was sent out to all school staff by a dear friend, giving the Feeding on Folly link. Making dear friend dearer still.

In no time at all, the comments rolled in:

“I didn’t know you had a little blog!”
“I heard about your little blog!”
“I love your little blog!”

So you see? What we have here is One. Little. Blog.

There’s just no getting around it, friends. Here was a group of well-educated professionals who visited our blog and found it short.

Now it’s true we’ve not been blogging for a lengthy amount of time. A mere three years. Barely a blip in internet years.

But in that time, we at Feeding on Folly have worked hard – well, maybe not hard, but off and on, when the mood was right and we had an ample supply of Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Milanos – to develop this space into the smattering of articles, recipes, and scribblings you see before you.

In truth, we’re rather proud of what we’ve accomplished here, and the cookie crumbs under the cushions speak to that.

So these comments reducing FoF to Lilliputian status were troubling. Where did we go wrong?

Is it the lack of ads?

Two years ago we paid big bucks ($15) to make this space ad-free. Was that a mistake?

Hey, if it’s what we need to be taken seriously…

Pickle ad

Then again, I follow a few pros and they don’t have ads.

For reference, see Chuck Wendig, Mark Manson, Leo Babauta

It’s true, they have other things they sell. Books. Classes. Seminars. Workshops. Speaking Engagements.

Hey, you can hire us to speak at your next Rotary Club Meeting!

Oh man, that’s the ticket! Anyone who speaks at a Rotary Club Meeting has just gotta be taken seriously!

FoF gal

What’s that you say? You don’t belong to Rotary?

Well, screw that then.

So here’s the thing: what’s Chuck, Mark and Leo got, that FoF doesn’t got? (Besides better grammar.)

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Bingo! FoF doesn’t have something dangling between her legs!

And that, my friends, is what makes her little. FoF gal mad as hell

Now before you slam your laptop shut and accuse us of getting all feminist on you, think about it. In all honesty, can you imagine the following being said to a male blogger:

“That’s so cute you have a little blog!”

No. Of course not.

But here’s another thing to consider: Everyone who referred to this blog as little, or told us it was cute, was a woman.

Yes, you read that right. A woman.

Every. Damn. Time.

Really, we shouldn’t be surprised. Women are so used to having their efforts diminished, we don’t realize when we’re doing it to each other.

(Ah dang, I just heard 20 more laptops slam shut.)

Okay, before we lose anyone else, let’s consider one more thing. How many times do we — male and female — talk about our creative work in a diminishing way?

“I do a little painting now and then.”
“Yeah, I enjoy writing, but it’s not like I’m published or anything.”
“I love taking pictures, but really it’s just a hobby.”

Listen, if we feel more alive when we are creating, if these activities are what gives us pleasure and seem more real to us than any stinkin’ job, can that be called little?

What’s more, how can we expect others to respect our work – to see how important it is to us – if we don’t treat it as such?

From now on, let’s present our work with the same joy it gives us in creating it. Let’s make no qualifications for it whatsoever. 

And when someone says it’s cute? Or when they call it little?

Little? Little?!

You must be mistaken.

Baby, this is BIG!


50 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Little Blog

  1. Little – piddle. FoF is one of my top five faves in the blogosphere. Sugar n spice with just the right touch of snarky – perfect. So have the neighbors dropped by yet?

    1. Well shucks, *blush* I’m mighty flattered.
      You got yourself a mighty big blog too, especially when it comes to making a person look at the world and her place in it with a little more kindness and grace. ♥️

  2. Don’t think I’ve ever called a blog “cute”. Kittens, when adopting them out maybe. My wife, when she seems to be fishing for such a compliment, certainly. But for such a haven of gentle humor as this one, it seems your old friends have made a “little” error.

    1. Its a sad truth that many women use the word “cute” far too often, not realizing (or caring?) that it’s not always a compliment. In fact, if it’s directed toward anyone over the age of 10, it probably isn’t. (Unless it’s your wife fishing 😉)

    1. I went to a book signing recently and the author was so unabashedly pleased and proud of his work.
      I asked myself, is that allowed? Why not! It beats the alternative! 😊

    1. Funny how a ‘little’ thing can eat at you until it becomes a BIG thing, right?
      As for the MN affect, I read an article recently on how our brains work better in the cold. I have high hopes for this. ☃️

    1. I choose Big Story-teller — it has a nice ring to it. Like I’m the old woman living in the woods, and people bring their kids to hear tales of when I was but a wee lass. 🙂

  3. This made me laugh because my friend and I have determined that we are “recreational bloggers” due to the fact that we don’t run ads or do sponsored posts. I think we are all BIG in the best way possible and it’s up to us to keep the fun in blogging. Blog on!

  4. But what effect DOES eating just one pickle a day have on a body. I’m burning to know ….

    Your blog is brilliant – you are an excellent writer and you are right to denounce fluffy, condescending adjectives misapplied to you. And you are also correct in asserting that if we ourselves apologise and downgrade what we do then we are positively demanding not to be taken seriously. That you are great and talented and amongst the best writers that I read is not a casual remark but a serious statement of fact.

    You can pay me in pickles. One a day 😉

    1. Claussen or Vlasic?
      Once upon a time I clicked on a clickbait headline just to see what the three foods were I should never EVER eat and my doctor will NEVER tell me about. Three years later I still don’t know. It’s probably still playing in one of my open tabs. I should check sometime.
      And thank you for your stellar review. If ever I should write something for publication (gasp! Did I say IF?! Sorry, WHEN), I’ll hit you up for a blurb. 😉

      1. You too? I’m too scared to check mine but I’m damn sure that gentleman who reminded me of his qualifications every second sentence is still blah blahing away in the vague hope of snaring someone’s desperation.

  5. This is so true! I can see why we do it to ourselves, partly out of modesty, maybe self-doubt. I self-depricate in the hope of being humorous. But for others to diminish our efforts, I think I’d rather they said nothing! ALL that really matters is the enjoyment and fulfillment WE each get from our ventures here. So BIG IT UP FOLLY. I’m here, screen open, loving your large blog 😊

      1. Dill or Bread & Butter?
        I’m not sure in my case if it was self-doubt or self-preservation making me downplay my work. It’s like, if I say it’s no good then it won’t matter if someone else says it. Kind of silly, really.
        And thanks for keeping an open screen. 😉

  6. All it takes is one word can start a war, one word can bring peace and a blog made of many words can do anything you created it for. As someone said, for you not to be doing what your doing could cause the very fabric of the universe to unravel. So we write our blogs and all it takes is just one person to thank you for changing their life because of something you wrote. There is no such thing as little blogs, only short minded people… jc

  7. Well said! Your blog will never be “cute” to me! 😊

    I didn’t even wait to get paid for something to call myself “a writer.” People seem impressed when I say that: “I’m a writer.” I don’t know why. Do you?

    1. I think it’s the same whenever we meet someone creative, whether they paint, sculpt, write, etc. Suddenly they become much more fascinating. As though there’s something magical and rare happening.
      Yet we never think it odd when children are creative, it’s just normal. Somewhere along the way, we lose our courage and so we’re impressed when someone still has it.
      Truthfully speaking, I’m pretty impressed with you too. 😉

  8. Wow, you really generated a lot of commentary with this one. Good on ya! I agree with all of your points (unless I’m forgetting one that irked me, subconsciously shoving it aside that our auras remain compatible, so I don’t have anything notable to add. But I do think a bit of long-distance travel has done both our spirits well…

    1. Good lord, how did I miss this comment? Management will hear about this – heads will roll!
      I wonder if we can deduct travel expenses as a necessary part of uplifting the writer’s spirit? (Assuming a taxable income as writer, natch) 😉

  9. When someone has a bigger blog than mine I assume it’s because they write better, are funnier, and don’t blog specifically about personified countries. A lot of times it ends with, “Well I’ll never be good enough, this is just who I am.” Pity parties are my favorite parties.

    But you make a really good point. Men are taught to have this–sometimes delusional–level of confidence in their abilities, while women are taught to be humble and meek. This problem even plagues women with PhDs!

    I admire that you are very proud of your own work and I hope to feel that one day as well. Go you.

    1. Well, I probably come across more confident in my work than I am. Trust me, I’m still working on it. Pity parties are not beneath me, I assure you! Old habits are hard to beat, but I’m trying. 😉

  10. Professionally, I make and sell jewelry. I might say it’s more like a hobby since I haven’t yet fallen into the black zone, profit wise. I guess I can thank my parents for that since nothing is worth anything in their eyes unless you’re making money doing it.

    On the other hand, I have stopped referring to myself as an amateur musician. I have a craft I work at for hours every single day (practicing and rehearsing with my French Horn). And so I stumbled upon a term awhile ago “semi-professional musician” for someone who volunteers as a musician but is by no means a newbie. And I think of Joni Mitchell (For Free) every time I think how much value our sharing of our creativity is, even the more when it’s not just for the money.

    1. I like that term – semi-professional. Has a nice ring to it. I like how you mention the amount of time and effort we put into our craft. That’s certainly nothing to be treated lightly.
      I looked at your Etsy shop. Your jewelry is gorgeous!

  11. I think your blog is a “just right” blog- its just right for you and just right for us readers, who want to laugh at everyday mundane things once in a while and not take politics seriously with a dose of seriousness thrown in with humor and no offense. I love it. I love the recipe section too.

    1. Sorry, I just found this buried in my span folder. I should check that more often.
      Thank you for the kind comment. Much appreciated! It’s easy to doubt yourself and wonder if what you’re trying to accomplish is what your actually doing. Thanks for the confirmation. 🙂

  12. This is so true, but I never thought about it before. Everyone I know who does some kind of creative work diminishes their own work in some way, like they’re scared of being that person who gives themselves too much credit. 😦

    By the way, I don’t care WHAT effect they’ll have on me… I am NOT giving up pickles. 🙂

  13. I diminish myself a lot. Need to stop it. My blog is kind of a fun hobby for myself, but I do this with my acting even though I am taking that seriously. I just have a hard time with people who blow their status out of proportion. Don’t want to be that guy. Notice how that’s a common phrase and not that girl when it comes to bragging? 😉

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