A colonoscopy means I love you

What’s this? She’s posting twice in a week?
*rifles through desk*
*checks calendar*
Hmm, not a holiday. What gives?
*Gasp* Has Jupiter aligned with Mars?

Um… don’t think so. Truth is I’m feeling a little loopy because I had a colonoscopy today.

I mean, sure, it was several hours ago and people my age (or, ahem, younger) get this test with little fanfare. But this time I did it, okay?

And I feel this deserves some recognition.

crowd cheering

Normally I just avoid doctors and pretend nothing is wrong. It’s a simple medical plan and it served me well for years.

I was more than content to continue said plan and then, boom! Husband has a heart attack.

The day after — he was in the hospital and I was home — I woke up and looked at his pillow.

It occurred to me that had things gone differently — had we waited too long to go to the hospital, had he said, “eh, I’m sure it’s just heartburn,” or whatever — I could so easily have woken up a widow. In just a few short moments, my life would have changed forever.

The second thing that occurred to me: I couldn’t have blamed him for anything. Sure, he has always enjoyed his steak and maybe he didn’t eat as healthy as he could have, but he did better than most people.

More importantly, he has always gone for his annual physicals, gets all the tests they recommend, even exercises regularly.

Where as I

And that’s when it occurred to me: we should take care of ourselves for the people we love.

The next day I spent some time online, researching local doctors. Found one with really good reviews and made an appointment. When we met she ordered all these tests because… well, everything was overdue. In this last month I’ve been poked and prodded and… yeah, now probed.

The good news is, all is well and fine and clean as a whistle. The colonoscopy guy was very impressed. He told me they rarely see colons as smooth as mine.

I wonder if they offer medals for these kinds of things? Seems like they should.

Okay, yeah, maybe I am feeling a little loopy.

In any case, consider this a public service announcement. Have you been practicing doctor avoidance? Are there issues you’ve been neglecting, a lump you’re curious about, or something just doesn’t feel right?

Been putting off that physical?

Look at the people you love, pick up the damn phone and make the appointment.

Even if it means you have to drink something funky for a colonoscopy. Do it for the ones you love.

And just for kicks, and because I’m still a little loopy, here’s Kermit’s visit to the doctor:

P.S. to Husband: 💓

30 thoughts on “A colonoscopy means I love you

  1. I was going to say a huge thumbs up, but that might be misconstrued in this particular incidence. So, I’ll just say, a huge Congratulations!! May you and your hubby enjoy many. many years of good health!

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  2. I’ve had three colonoscopies. I didn’t get a medal either, but I do believe that it gives you the right to feel superior to people who just had to give a blood sample…

    Well at least they give you the good drugs for the procedure (kind of makes up for the, umm, prep phase).

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  3. It seems that life is just a throw of the dice. Or maybe our response to a situation is… If I could of, would of, should of, but I didn’t… why? Still, I can’t leave everything to the mundane. But it’s too much for this page… thats another blog post… And I’m glad everything turned out for you and husband.

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  4. Good reminder. Fortunately, I don’t have to have another for quite a while. Maybe by then they will come up with a less invasive way to clean you out before the procedure. The GoLytely is the part that I’d like to sleep through…

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    1. I had to Google “GoLytely.” What a lovely name for an awful medicine!
      I had some powder stuff I had to add to Gatorade, which was pretty much tasteless and dissolved completely. Not bad on that score. But I’m weird in that I hate — as in seriously HATE — all sweet drinks. So to me, the Gatorade was nasty. Even so, I was a good little patient and drank it.


  5. Well, as you may have noticed, since I can’t help but babble about myself incessantly, I recently had a colonoscopy of my own. (In my case, “smooth” was not a word tossed about during the post-analysis, so good on ya for the smoothness. Still don’t want to see the pictures, though.) But yes, everyone should get probed on a regular basis. Thanks for spreading the word…

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    1. Well, methinks much of my “smoothness” is related to both my family history and the way my mom cooked. True story: after our wedding ceremony, we were opening our gifts and someone from Husband’s side of the family gave us a deep fat fryer. I had no clue what it was. At all. They had to explain it to me. I was in shock. “You fill it with WHAT?!
      Hmm. Perhaps there’s a blog post in that?

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  6. We can be a bit prudish over this sort of stuff can’t we, so well done for going for the test, writing about it and for not showing us the pictorial evidence! I’ve never had one done but recently had to have a barium meal x-ray. Due to the several hours of ‘nil by mouth’ I was so thirsty, I’d have drunk anything! Radioactive Waste isn’t as unpleasant as it sounds 😉. Glad you got a clean bill of health, shame the nudge was so harsh.

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  7. I can kind of relate to the doctor avoidance thing. I’ve often depended on the Doc Martin quote, “you better be dying.” (Or at least feeling poorly.) I did break down and get a physical last spring (everything was copacetic), but I did get reminded that I was due for another colonoscopy. Guess what I haven’t scheduled yet?

    Good reminder. (Cringe.)


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