The 32 Second Killing Spree

I rarely repost things from other bloggers… now that I think about it, I’m not sure I ever have. But sometimes things happen in the world and I want to write about them, I try to write about them, but the words won’t come. Then someone like Mitch comes along and writes them perfectly. So please, in the wake of yet more shootings, let’s put away our biases and flippant opinions and listen to reason.
Take it away Mitch…

Mitch Teemley

Three mass shootings in a week. El Paso, Texas, Gilroy, California, and now Dayton, Ohio, where many of my friends live (none were present at the shooting). Actually, America averages more than one mass shooting a day; these three simply made it to the front page due to their larger-than-usual death tallies.

The young man who killed 9 and injured 27 in Dayton last weekend was suspended from high school for posting lists of people he wanted to kill and girls he wanted to rape. Later, the school was put on lockdown when he announced his plans for a mass shooting. He regularly sang in “pornogrind” bands performing songs that celebrate rape and torture.

Should he have been allowed to purchase 100-round magazines and a semi-automatic weapon advertised by its manufacturer as “the sound freedom makes” while producing “an orchestra of metal and hellfire”? Should he have been allowed to…

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