Weather Post, Part 2

I’m working on something that’s not quite up to my typical blogging standards (Read: lazy and haven’t finished it yet), so here’s a quickie.

Consider it a footnote to last week’s weather post.

There’s a row of maple trees that line the street between the convent where I work and the hospital where I don’t work:

maple trees

I confess that I have not paid proper attention to these trees all summer long. Now I’m like a stalker, taking their picture at least twice a day.

Yet despite this glorious view, yesterday I overheard two people talking:

“Has the sun peaked out yet?”
“Not yet.”
“Ugh. I hate this gloomy weather.”

It’s true. It rained all day yesterday and was quite overcast.

But on my way home from work, I saw this:

leaves 2


I stood there — in the rain, mind you — and stared in wonder. Have you ever seen such a glorious masterpiece? On a sidewalk?!

I tried counting the number of Crayola crayon colors represented, but I ran out of crayons.

After giving the display proper reverence and adulation, I continued walking. Then turned back to take a picture because I nearly forgot.

Clearly, the people complaining about gloomy weather were making a fundamental error. Rather than looking up, they should have looked down!

Keep that in mind, friends. Even in the deepest gloom, beauty can be found. And it might be right under your feet.

Today’s weather: SNOW!

I tried to take a picture, but it’s a little faint. Trust me, that hazy bit you see is the real thing.

snow oct

I got off work early today and in my mailbox was a book I ordered from Amazon. (Now that’s what I call timing.) So please excuse me while I brew a cup of tea and settle in for a good read.

Happy October, friends. It’s gonna be a beauty…


31 thoughts on “Weather Post, Part 2

    1. Don’t know if Illinois does this, but MN provides a Fall Color map, and you can sign up for color updates. Right now our area is listed at 75% color. No idea how they figure it, but whoever thought it up was a genius!

  1. Thank you for sharing those radiant colors! Most of us don’t have Crayolas like that near home or work. Even here in Colorado, the changing leaves are mainly in the mountains, and only for a weekend or two (which means half the state drives up to see them all at once – ugh). I hope you get a few weeks of fall weather before the white stuff moves in for good.

    1. Thank you, Dave!
      We used to live in Colorado and the mountains are quite lovely. Though as you point out, not as colorful. When we first moved here I couldn’t help but notice the wide variety of trees – evergreen, oak, maple, birch… the list goes on. All the makings for a humdinger of an Autumn!

      1. I love the hiking trails up there, perfect this time of year. Last year’s October hike I called Chasing Red October. Wish I could attach the pictures I took up there. Haven’t been on the trail up there yet this season.

  2. Love the leaves – you are so right about the uncountable number of colours!
    I’ve noticed the same thing in my woods – after the first snow storm (10 inches of snow) and before the second snow storm (5 inches)!

    1. *gasp*
      Will it be featured in a blog post? Will it be turned into wallpaper for your guest bathroom? Or will it be used in planning your new wardrobe, beings how you’re an Autumn?
      Color me Intrigued.

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