And now for something really great: a song of good hygiene from Neil Diamond

I have plenty to keep me busy during this time of COVID-19 isolation. Tackling my emails, catching up on the blogs I follow, responding to comments on my own.

And yet, still I waste time cruising the internet.

Oh well.

Maybe it’s for the best, because that’s how I found this…

Aw Neil, I love you so! ❤️

15 thoughts on “And now for something really great: a song of good hygiene from Neil Diamond

  1. Me too! Hangin’ with my efriends and cruisin’ the Net. And now a new hand washing song. I’m a lucky hombre even in these troubled times. Stay safe, buddy

      1. He did give good concerts Christi – he would have the concert goers on their feet the first few notes of “Sweet Caroline” and “Song Sung Blue” and bigtime audience participation and swaying for “Forever in Blue Jeans” … he would give a concert of several hours and only stop to change his shirt a few times – that was it and multiple encores til he was almost hoarse.

  2. A delightful thing to share. Here’s to both of us being equally inspiring when we’re 79. You’ve got it in you, I’m sure, but I’ll try to keep up.

    P.S. Neil during his “Hot August Night” phase? Hubba hubba. (This is an extremely extraneous comment but I felt compelled to share.)

    1. Come now, Brian — we’ve got… what? 25+ years to work on our talents? We can do it!
      What I’m aiming for is a sultry jazz sound. Husband will do a muted trumpet, kind of a Miles Davis thing. You do the vocals, so start practicing your sexy piano pose. Oh say, does Partner have a drum set? It’s all we need!

      P.S. Clearly, we have the same impeccable taste. Hubba hubba is right. 😉

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