The Doctor has prescribed bad jokes. Here’s two and call me in the morning.

I intended to post something today because – historically speaking — Wednesdays were my normal posting days. And while that ship sailed months ago, I thought this isolation business would put me in a writing mood.

Alas, it has not.

What it did do is help me uncover this emergency transmission… er, tweet… from The Doctor:

You’ll note she said to tell jokes, even bad ones.

Especially bad ones.

So here’s a couple I know:

You know what the farmer said when he saw a herd of elephants charging over the hill?
He said, “Look, here comes a herd of elephants charging over the hill.”

You know what the farmer said when he saw a herd of elephants charging over the hill wearing sunglasses?
He didn’t say anything. He didn’t recognize them.


Hey, I told you they were bad!

Feel free to add your own bad jokes in the comments.

In the meantime, stay strong. Stay positive. We got this.

32 thoughts on “The Doctor has prescribed bad jokes. Here’s two and call me in the morning.

  1. What’s yellow and dangerous? Shark infested mustard. I love this little joke but everyone around me is super tired of it. Thanks, CJ for letting me resurrect it. cheers

    1. Oh my, this was too funny to be bad!
      You know, I’m beginning to think this should be a regular feature. I’ll have to think about it. (I have the time)

  2. I actually loved those jokes but in fairness, I’m a simple soul and love jokes that others call bad … I think it’s something to do with not having to concentrate particularly hard on what is being said. It’s so good to see you …. keep dipping your nib in the ink …. the writing will re-emerge, I promise 😊

      1. In that case, I duly elect myself chief cheerleader which, being English by birth and French by training means something slightly different to the pompom ra ra found here. More a question of gently but stoically coaxing you with words of encouragement and cajoling with metaphorical tables laden with ridiculously pretty pâtisserie and effervescent apéritifs. This is entirely selfish because I have loved your work. In seriousness. Take good care of you is the main thing. Please.

  3. Timely transmission, Christi. Your feature photo looks like something out of Lost in Space, which reminds me of a bad alien joke. Why do aliens like to eat clowns? Because they taste funny. We got this!

    1. *groan* *snicker* *snort*
      Congrats, Joe – This may be the worst I’ve read. 😉

      The image is the inside of the Tardis, but one of the early episodes. It might even be from the first season? (My son would know for sure.)

    1. Oh geez, Dave. I realize you have an unfair advantage when it comes to telling these.
      Today I’m starting a bad joke feature — please contain yourself. 😉

  4. Well, I’m sure you understand that I feel greatly compelled to toss in some groan-worthy jokes as well but, for once, I shall refrain. Which basically means that I can’t come up with anything right at the moment, so I’m pretending to be noble and feebly altruistic… 😉

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