Hope you had a swell Easter

Speaking of which, do you know how to make Easter easier?

Replace the t with an i!easter

Haha! Gotcha good, didn’t I?

And with that officious start, we leap right into our Bad Joke Monday!

(Get it?… Leap… Easter bunny… hahaha!)

Okay, yeah, that one was too bad to count as a joke. Instead, I give you this:

Why did the chocolate bunny see a psychiatrist?

easter bunny on couch

He just felt so hollow inside.

Hahahaha — oh man, that one was even funny to draw.

Okay, now we get to the exciting part of Bad Joke Monday, where I select one of your lovely offerings from our previous episode.

If you haven’t had a chance to read through the beauties we collected, you might want to do that now.

Go ahead and do that… I’ll wait…

*twiddles thumbs*
*starts humming Run, Little Rabbit…*

Oh — you’re back already? Well, I don’t want to stop the music so let’s just let it play while we announce our winner… (drum roll)….

Let’s give it up for Diane from Ladies Who Lunch! Whoo-hoo Diane!

*Diane enters, dancing to Cab Calloway*
*Everyone’s impressed with her moves*
*Heard from balcony: “My God, where did she get those shoes?”*
*Diane takes award and moonwalks off stage to thunderous applause*

Diane and I started blogging right around the same time — I think we first met in Blogging 101, for those of you who remember when WordPress offered those classes. (Seriously, I think they need to revisit those. They were a lovely way to meet each other.)

Anyway, you can visit Diane’s blog here (and yes, you’ll want to do this):


Diane’s tagline reads: “a little lunch, a little wine, a LOT of talking!”
Seriously, check out her blog.
That now makes five links I’ve given you. You’ve no reason not to visit her blog.
Okay, here’s another link.
(Have you clicked it yet?)

As for her joke, I loved it for a couple reasons:

  1. She went off book and told a story rather than a simple 1-2 punch.
  2. It was a farmer joke AND a missing leg joke. Covering TWO categories.

Without further ado, Diane’s joke in her own words:

Here’s an oldie that I’ll shorten for you. A man is visiting a farm and sees a pig with three legs in the pasture. He stops to talk to the farmer and says, “I couldn’t help but notice your pig only has three legs. What happened?” “Welp,” the farmer says, “one evening the house caught on fire and that pig squealed and squalled till we woke up and got out. He saved me and my wife and my boy’s life. He’s a very special pig.” “Okay,” says the man, “but that still doesn’t explain why he only has three legs.” “Welp,” says the farmer, “a pig that good you take your time eating.” Ba bump bump!

Farmer with three legged pig

Well done, Diane! Thank you for playing.

As for the rest of you, add your joke in the comments below and I’ll see you next week!

30 thoughts on “Hope you had a swell Easter

  1. And the competition is heating up … Okay when is a door not a door? When it’s ajar. Get it? A jar! Ha, ha, ha, thump. That’s me laughing my head off, BTW.

    1. Yes, I remember the jury post! (Things seemed so much simpler then, didn’t they?)

      Your joke won fair and square, though it’s true I like you, I really like you. 😉

  2. I liked the chocolate bunny one. Saw another bunny cartoon where the chocolate bunny was at the dentists and the dentist asked what kind of filling the bunny wanted. The bunny said, ‘caramel’.

  3. Oh, I found a good (bad) one today Christi! I was watching an Australian cooking show and the chef made a meringue. The audience clapped and I was surprised. Australians usually Boo Meringue. Get it?!

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