Bad Joke Monday offers a brief respite

Hey gang.

Last week I questioned whether it was right to post silly jokes on Memorial Day, and then all of last week happened.

So yeah, having a huge existential blog crisis right now.

And while I’m sure you’d understand if Bad Joke Monday didn’t show up one week, in the end I decided to move ahead with it. One, because the very existence of this series came as a result of the pandemic – a tragedy in itself – but also because there is never NOT a time a tragedy is happening somewhere.

And maybe that’s why humor exists at all? It offers us a respite in the face of overwhelming sadness.

In any case, I will likely address the current crisis later this week, but for today we are giving you a small break from the serious stuff.

Another reason this will be a small break: I injured my wrist over the weekend working in the yard.

Not sure what happened – I think I sprained it? But I will say it made drawing kind of interesting and really really really slows down my typing.

So while I planned on illustrating more than one joke, in the end only managed one. This is for Joe from Month at a Time Travel, whose joke took a prize a few weeks ago.

His joke last Monday was a real winner. The best I’ve seen! I mean, I was really taken by it, primarily because he presented it so well (*cough* complimented me *cough*):

Outstanding illustrations this week!
A friend of mine tries to impress girls by drawing his Ford F-150.
He is a pickup artist.

pickup artist

Side note: You know what’s interesting about drawing with a sprained wrist? You use your arm more and make broader movements. Which somehow seems to work better?

As in, this was my first and only sketch when usually it takes me about three or four tries to get something presentable. So that’s interesting.

Also, update from my last post regarding the new Block Editor and how I thought the deadline for the switch was today: I was able to revert back to the Classic Editor for this post, meaning we’re getting a reprieve. Who knows for how long, but at least there’s that.

That’s all for now — I’m off to ice my wrist. If you have a joke to share, please do so in the comments. We could all use a laugh right now.
And please remember: always choose love. ❤️

25 thoughts on “Bad Joke Monday offers a brief respite

  1. I have hesitated using this joke since it’s well known that horns (French Horns are just called horns) and saxophones are at odds with one another since band arrangers like to give the saxophones parts that the horns should have or double the parts which is even more painful. Also a saxophone might refer to his instrument as a “horn” which is somehow oh so offensive.

    That said, I’ve heard the saxophone compared to a chain saw. I think this is inaccurate. You can tune a chainsaw.

    1. That’s a great joke! And it reminds me of my all-time favorite clarinet joke:
      There have been many jokes made of the clarinet, the worst one being the saxophone.

  2. I’m in a prolonged discussion (“arguing with idiots” is such a hard phrase) with my credit card company so congrats Joe and sprained wrist or no — cool graphics. Anyway. What do you call the guy who’s lying at your front door? Matt. Got to go before Rob at the bank decides fix my account AGAIN and deletes me entirely. “Don’t touch anything Rob. I’ll be right there.” cheers!

  3. Is it fair for me to mention I’m slightly annoyed that, despite suffering from a critical gardening mishap, your illustrative skills still far surpass my best drawing efforts, ever, even whilst in peak physical from? I just had to get that little quibble out before it became a festering neuroses of some kind.

    Otherwise, lovely post, as always… 😉

    1. Initially I laughed and then I made the mistake of googling it and found out they DO skydive and you can see videos of their dogs in harnesses held in front of them, like a baby, by all appearances having the time of their lives.
      Despite this, good joke. And even knowing what I know, I wouldn’t want to stand underneath a dog on his way down. 😉

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