Bad Joke Monday strikes a chord

Thanks for tuning in for another week of…

Though to be honest, I sometimes question my decision to pin this on one particular day. Your jokes are welcome all week long — you realize that, right?

Also, can I guarantee I will always post on a Monday? Can I guarantee I will even remember it’s Monday?

Of course not!

So. yeah. Thinking of renaming this baby. Top Contenders: Bad Joke Challenge or Bad Jokes Illustrated. If you have an idea, please add it in the comments.

Anyway, as to last week’s entries, we had some fun with them. So much so that I decided to do away with choosing only one joke – I’m sharing the whole lot with you.

First up, we have Lynette d’Arty Cross who offered us this great quote from writer Christopher Hudspeth:

I totally understand how batteries feel because I’m rarely included in things either.

He’s just a sad, little battery. Never included in anything.

By the way, Christopher Hudspeth lives in Tucson, Arizona. (As a former AZ gal, I just wanted to put that out there.)

Then Moonstone Mary — also from Tucson! — gave us another magical musical number:

I’ve heard the saxophone compared to a chain saw. I think this is inaccurate. You can tune a chainsaw.

I loved this joke because I don’t play saxophone.

Though if you do, have no fear. I went easy on the illustration mostly because I didn’t feel like drawing a chainsaw. You have to have imagine that part.


Following Mary’s comment, Andrew Reynolds pondered his own musical abilities…

I remember being taught to tune my violin but I have no idea how to tunafish.

I suggested he start with the scales. 😉


And so ends our musical jokes — pushing us straight into Dad jokes by two guys aren’t even Dads!

WD Fyfe popped in with this one:

What do you call the guy who’s lying at your front door?


Our last one is also found on Dad joke sites, I think because it’s an oldie and a bit off color.

This comes from Dave Ply:

Q. Why don’t blind people skydive?
A. Because it scares the crap out of their dogs.

This sparked a conversation on dogs skydiving — which totally happens by the way (and truthfully, blindness doesn’t prevent skydiving either).

Then I pondered whether anyone would try skydiving with cats and we had a good laugh over that, Dave wondering if they’d have to wear a suit of armor.

After a quick search, I found this (click on the picture to see the video):

cat diving

So there you go.

Please note: No animals, fish, saxophonists or guys named Matt were harmed in the making of this blog post. (Batteries not included)

Remember, add your joke in the comments below and check back next week to see if it gets illustrated.

(And if you have a suggestion on a new name, add that too!)

19 thoughts on “Bad Joke Monday strikes a chord

  1. Actually I like “Bad Joke Monday” since it reminds us it’s Monday. Being at home, we need those reminders of what day it is. And it just seems like starting the week off with a smile is a good thing. And now I’ve got “Monday, Monday” going through my head.

    Speaking of being at home – how can you tell if a singer’s at your door?
    They can’t find the key and don’t know when to come in.

    (Not true of the Mamas and Papas BTW)

      1. Haha! Someone asked me why I chose clarinet lessons over guitar lessons. Have you ever seen a woman guitarist who didn’t sing? A guy can get away without singing, but a woman is expected to.
        I can sing alright, but I hate to do it in front of people unless I have a whole choir with me (and I stand in the back row).

      1. Musicians love to laugh. Tucson’s french horn choir, Horns of Tucson (yes we go by HOT), is entertaining if just for the jokes flying around – well it used to be before COVID-19. I can’t wait for those get togethers to start up again – we rehearse at my house.

    1. Yeah, I wondered about that guy too. A dog will do most anything to stay with their human, but a cat? Frankly, I’m a little surprised an animal rights group wasn’t on the ground to arrest him.
      Nice thematic joke, by the way. 😉

  2. Seems like everyone wants you to take responsibility for reminding them it’s Monday. Why would anyone want to be reminded of that?

    Sunday and Monday get into a fight, who wins?
    Sunday. Monday is a weekday.

    1. Right? Seems like Monday is something you’d want to forget. Also, counting on me to remind anyone what day it is… well, I’ve been known to forget my birthday, so…

      Ah! I get it: weekday, weak day… HAHAHA

  3. You notice the picture of the guy with the cat was taken before he jumped out, and not the scraps that were left afterwards…

    What do sprinters eat before a race? Nothing, they fast.

    1. I figured there was a reason we didn’t see the jump’s aftermath. Though did you notice the cat’s legs? Looked like they were bound pretty carefully.

      I like joke. No wonder they skinny – they fast.

  4. Wait, how did I manage to get THREE posts behind with your blog. Dang. You blink for half a second in the blogging world and everyone is miles down the road. Sigh. I do have to say that, although all of your illustrations are splendid, I’m most moved by that poor little battery….

    1. No worries, Brian. I lament the condition of my inbox at least twice a week. We’ve all been there.
      And thanks for the battery plug. I’m rather partial to that little guy myself. 😉

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