Bad Joke Monday is all cracked up

Or so it appears, based on the popularity of egg and chicken jokes from last week.

Let’s get crackin’, shall we?

First one out of the carton — not an egg exactly, but plenty rotten — Moonstone Mary served one with bounce:

What do you do with a rubber trumpet?
Join an elastic band.
rubber trumpet

Next up, Andrew Reynolds from Andrew’s View of the Week gave us a sunny-side up tale:

What is an egg’s least favorite day of the week?
Fry day

I’m a little embarrassed to admit how long I spent drawing this one. Most of it on putting in the backsplash — oh that subway tile, what a pain to install!

Next, Eilene Lyon from Myricopia gave us a delightful tale involving two chickens and a literary frog. What more could you ask for?

A pair of chickens walk up to the circulation desk at a public library and say,
‘Buk Buk BUK.’
The librarian decides that the chickens desire three books, and gives it to them. Around midday, the two chickens return to the circulation desk and say,
‘ Buk Buk BuKKOOK!’

Chickens checking out

The librarian decides that the chickens desire another three books. The chickens leave as before. The two chickens return to the library in the early afternoon, approach the librarian, looking very annoyed and say,

‘Buk Buk Buk Buk Bukkooook!’

The librarian is now a little suspicious of these chickens. She gives them what they request, and decides to follow them. She followed them out of the library, out of the town, and to a park. At this point, she hid behind a tree, not wanting to be seen.

She saw the two chickens throwing the books at a frog in a pond, to which the frog was saying, “Rrredit Rrredit Rrredit…”

Hoppy endings

I think I might have a future in the chicken and frog drawing business, don’t you?

Leaping ahead, Lynette d’Arty Cross from In the Net! shared a chuckle from a young friend of hers…

Dogs should never go shopping in flea markets.

Doggie shopping day

This is pretty good advice for all dogs, I think. Not just those who wear dresses.

Lastly, just when we thought we were all done with the yolks, WD from WD Fyfe proved his worth with a limerick:

There once were some eggs from Boston
Who were sold to a store in Austin
But their shells were all cracked
When the train left the track
And their yolks leaked out, and they lost ‘em.

But they didn’t go out with a bang
So that wasn’t the end of our gang:
They found a good cook
With a recipe book
And lived life again as meringue!

Egg service

And with those heartfelt words, we come to the end of another Bad Joke Monday. 

Thanks for joining us and don’t forget to leave a joke in the comments!


23 thoughts on “Bad Joke Monday is all cracked up

  1. Egg-cellent interpretations of yolky-good humor. (I’m sure I’m not the first to go there, but let’s hope, I earned some sort of ova-tion.)

    I particularly like the egg funeral with meringue for dessert. Macabre and tasty!

  2. I love the photo! And your drawings are so great. 🙂
    And, here’s a contribution from a psychiatrist friend:

    Q: How many Psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Only one, but the bulb has got to really WANT to change. 😉

  3. Bad Joke Monday has turned into “The Illustration Challenge.” This could be interesting. My money’s on CJ and her marvelous pen. But to work. The reason I was late to BJM is I was watching a television program on beavers. It was the best dam documentary I’ve ever seen. cheers.

    1. Okay, I should be peeved at you for throwing me a curve ball, but I’m far too entranced with your use of BJM.
      My feature’s been acronymed! We made it to big time, boys!

  4. The illustrations alone are worth taking a break from a working vacation. Well done!

    Meanwhile I wondered, how many trumpets does it take to change a light bulb?
    Five. One to handle the bulb and four to tell him how much better they could’ve done it
    (just ask a trumpet player to confirm accuracy).

  5. Your illustrative artistry is exemplary, as usual, but this time I’m especially fond of the plant in the funeral scene. It just looks so cute and yet a tad sad at the same time. It’s a complex performance, and the plant should be nominated at the SAG awards…

    1. Aw Brian, I just knew I could count on you to highlight the funeral plant! I was rather proud of how she turned out, with just that slight touch of melancholy. I’m sure you appreciated her basket too, given your superior taste in set design. 😉

  6. Once again, I am quite tardy to the now-acronymed BJM. The illustrations are exemplary, as always, especially the chickens in the library and the frog who likes “hoppy endings”!

    We had to make a quick “turn and burn” trip to Mesa, AZ, this week. It was so sad to see the huge area along Hwy 87 that burned recently. I hadn’t heard about it. Started from a car in Fountain Hills catching fire.

    Standing on the asphalt, we blistered in 130 degrees – air temp was 114, I heard. As hubby put it, “For every year someone spends in Phoenix, they get one off in hell.”

    1. I can only assume it was something completely unavoidable and urgent that sent you to Phoenix/Mesa this time of year — they’re breaking their own record highs down there (wildfires to boot!).
      Your husband latched on to a great truism everyone in Phoenix believes: If purgatory is a thing, surely their stay will be shortened. It’s only fair. 😉

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