6 things my cats do that make me go “Awww”

1) Lady Grey watching her favorite channel

cat watching television


She’s a big fan of YouTube’s CatTV channel.

2) At times, Merricat joins her

cat television


You ask what sort of person uses television as a Kitty-sitter? Studies show that cats are not harmed by excessive TV watching — though sometimes TVs are.

Besides, it’s not like they spend hours in front of the TV.

3) They teach me the value of conserving energy

cats sleeping 2


I know I’ve shown pictures of them snuggling together before, but how can I resist? Especially when it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

4) They’re so photogenic

Lady grey with flowers


Minnesota has the prettiest wildflowers. I found those in a ditch.

5) Merricat covers up my daily to-do list

Merricat hiding to do list


If the cat says I’m not to work today, then I don’t work today. She only has my best interest at heart.

6) They teach me that sometimes the wisest thing is to sit and chill


The best thing about being stuck at home is getting to know your furry friends better. It just doesn’t get any better than that. 🐈 🐾

19 thoughts on “6 things my cats do that make me go “Awww”

  1. All of the photos are lovely, the wording is clever, but you knew I was going to fixate on this: You have a chair in front of the TV for the cats! That just made my day. It’s so damn CUTE!

    P.S. How do you keep your house so clean? Everything is sparkly and tidy. I mean, I try, but it’s HOT these days and Daddy’s tired and there are so many books begging for my attention. Wait, are you making the cats work off their room and board? Hmm. Food for thought…

    1. Brian, dear man, this is what’s called selective cropping. You think my house is clean? The cats leave their toys everywhere and do you think they consider for a moment helping me tidy up? Ha! Even though mommy provides a chair for them when they watch their favorite shows. Sheesh!

  2. Amen to your final comment, Christi. Our furry friends could care less about social media, politics, or obsessions with all that is wrong with our world these days. Pets are always an unbiased, unfailingly happy breath of fresh air – now more than ever.

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